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Still Spirits Turbo Sugar - 2kg


A formulation of sugars & carbon designed for producing alcohol for distilling. Produces a purer wash resulting in cleaner distillate.

Morgans Cooler Bag


Great way to cool your fermenter without using electricity

Pressure Relief Valve with Guage


Can be used for relieving pressure when fermenting in Fermenatsaurus, Snub Nose and for relieving pressure when transferring to kegs, or other pressure vessels. The valve end now comes complete with markings for both PSI and Bars, making it easy to select your desired pressure setting.  The gauge displays up to 15 PSI. 

Glass Test Tube


Great for test your SG.

Morgans PET replacement Caps


Replacement pack of 60 caps for PET bottles, 750ml

Oak Barrel


12 Lt Wooden Press to make wine, cider or mead  

Wine Presses ~ Wooden & Stainless Steel


For Wine, Cider or Mead making 12lt Wooden Press  14lt Stainless Steel  Micro Press Stainless Steel





Stainless Steel Funnel ~ 12cm ~ Removable Strainer ~ Loop Handle ~ Dishwasher Safe. Plastic Funnels - 8cm ~ 16cm ~ 26cm ~ 30cm ~ 35cm

Coopers PET replacement Caps


Replacement pack of 30 caps for PET bottles, 750ml

Yeast Nutrient


Yeast food is a blend of yeast nutrients formulated to increase yeast activity during fermentation so that attenuation can be reached more rapidly and the fermentation cycle shortened  



Alpha-amylase is a bacterially-derived enzyme which breaks down starch into dextrins and simple sugars.Application For use in mashing of starch-based substrates, such as raw grains and potato, for fermentation of alcohol to make distilled spirits  

Malt Muncher Mill Board (Grain Mill)


This is a Premium Polypropylene Base Board for the Malt Muncher 2 Roller or 3 Roller Grain Mill. Perfect for slotting over a food grade bucket, or building your own little shelf on wheels.

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