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Beer Extract Tins


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Morgans Australian Draught


Full Flavour beer in a traditional draught style enjoyed across the nation golden in colour with a subtle head.   EBC: 7.4 (in 23ltrs)

Morgans Australian Bitter


A full-flavoured brew, gentle in malt character with a full and robust hop bitterness. EBC: 6.7 (in 23ltrs)

Morgans Premium Royal Oak Amber Ale


A smooth full flavour beer in true English style, with a high hop level and light caramel aroma. (includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid)   EBC: 31 (in 23ltrs)

Beer Makers Old


A dark, rich, full-flavoured black beer with hops and malt beautifully balanced to give a smooth finish.

Mangrove Jack’s New Zealand Brewers Series American Pale Ale


The Mangrove Jack's Brewers Series American Pale Ale kit helps make a well balanced American Pale Ale, with a delicious malt character and satisfying bitterness.. 

Coopers International Irish Stout


A rich, dark brew displaying coffee, chocolate and licorice aromatics, roasty bitter notes with a dry finish. Coopers Irish Stout is an authentic recipe containing a blend of malted barley, roasted barley, flaked barley and hops. The pour will exhibit a turbulent, cascading tan foaming action. Eventually, this settles into a creamy beige coloured head that rests atop the beer....

Coopers International Australian Pale Ale


Due to popular demand our master brewers have developed a beer concentrate in the style of the famous COOPERS ORIGINAL PALE ALE which is considered an Australian icon. The finest 2-row barley, hops and specially selected yeast combine to produce a beer with fruity and floral characters, balanced with a crisp bitterness and compelling flavour perfect for every occasion. Colour...

Morgans Australian Lager


Crisp and bold in flavour with a refreshing clean head and golden colour, a perfect all round beer.   EBC: 6.7 (in 23ltrs)

Mangrove Jack’s New Zealand Brewers Series Blonde


The Mangrove Jack's Australian Series Blonde Dry kit makes a light coloured, crisp tasting, dry style Lager.

Mangrove Jack Gold Lager


A refreshing, easy drinking Golden Lager with a balanced smooth flavour, complemented by a mild bitterness.

Mangrove Jack’s New Zealand Brewers Series Pale Ale


The Mangrove Jack's Brewers Series Pale Ale kit helps make a delicious pale ale with a fruit and malt character, balanced with a light bitterness.. 

Black Rock - Riwaka Pale Ale


Created using our brewers favourite pale ale recipe, because of the large amounts of specialty ale malt used, and then adds Riwaka hop pellets from New Zealand Hops to the malt at canning. Riwaka hops are one of the popular new varieties from New Zealand Hops for the unique citrus aromas that has made it highly demanded by brewers around...

Black Rock - Pale Ale


A golden pale ale in an international style with a moderate bitterness from the selected Nelson hops.

Mangrove Jack’s New Zealand Brewers Series Golden Ale


The Mangrove Jack's Brewers Series Golden Ale kit helps make a clear golden ale with subtle malt and fruit undertones, finished with a pleasing bitterness. 

Mangrove Jack’s New Zealand Brewers Series Pilsner


Mangrove Jack's New Zealand Brewers Series Pilsner Blonde. A delicious pale ale with a fruit and malt character, balanced with a light bitterness.

TC 86 Days Pilsner


Thomas Cooper, his wife Ann and their two children set sail for Australia from Plymouth, England aboard the SS Omega on the 29th May 1852. The treacherous sea voyage took 86 days and seemed like an eternity but they finally reached the sunny shores of Adelaide on the 24th August. 86 Days Pilsner pays homage to the journey Thomas took to make...

TC Bookmaker Pale Ale


Thomas Cooper’s first occupation in Adelaide was as a bootmaker in the small village of Kensington, three miles east of the city. He plied his original trade a few doors down from the Rising Sun Inn where, in later years, he’d get his foot in the door with his very own Ales. After Thomas hung up his cobbler’s boots, he...



Thomas Cooper’s first recorded brew was designated brew “A”. According to his brewing log, dated 13th May 1862, “A” contained four bushels of Malt and eight pounds of Kent hops in 46 gallons of water, which he made into a Pale Ale and a slightly heavier Ale. This American style IPA is made in the tradition of that heavier Ale. Full...

TC Devils Half Ruby Porter


In 1862, Coopers brewery operations were located close to an area known as the Devil’s Half Acre. This rather intimidating name stemmed from the somewhat menacing people that frequented the neighbourhood. As such, it had a reputation for being a place to steer clear of at night. This devilish brew is inspired by the shady characters of the Devil’s Half...

TC Family Secret Amber Ale


Thomas Cooper had two wives and 19 children, who went on to have children and grandchildren of their own. It is not surprising then that today 5th and 6th generation Coopers oversee and work at the brewery. They are the custodians of all the family secrets. Luckily for beer lovers, an Amber Ale recipe is one of the secrets passed down by...

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