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Beer making accessory


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Morgan's PET Bottle Caps


Replacement pack of 60 caps for PET bottles - 750ml

Crown Seals - 250pk


Crown Seals are used on 750ml Bottles. Can be great for reusing bottles like Coopers & VB long necks Using different coloured crown seals is a useful way of easily recognising each batch of bottles brewed. Green are great for screw top bottles.

S type Airlock (vintage)


S type Airlock for Fermenter (vintage)

Fermenter Tap


White Fermenter Tap

Stick on Thermometer


Stick on Thermometer for Fermenter 

Airlock Grommet


Airlock Grommet

Glass Test Tube


Glass test tubes that can used over and over again. Suitable for a range of uses in measuring your brew. The graduations will allow you to measure liquids more accurately.

Bottle Tree - Red


This red bottle tree will hold a total of 81 bottles. The design allows for simple and efficient rinsing, cleaning and  and drying of your brew bottles. This item is also compatible with the Bottle Rinser.

Easy Syphon


These syphons are an easy way to transfer your wort from one vessel to another. A single stroke action draws the liquid without disturbing sediment. It requires just a couple inches of liquid and works perfectly in carboys, buckets, and gallon jugs. This auto-siphon uses a solid, glue-bonded construction for simple sanitizing and use, and will not restrict the flow....

Blue Brew Bottler with Spring


Spring Bottle Filler Plastic 3/8 

Sediment Reducer


Sediment Reducer for Fermenter Tap

Heat Belt


Heating Belt 30 Watt

Spoons 40cm & 60cm


Food grade plastic spoon can tolerate contact with boiling temperatures. Strongly recommended for use with plastic fermenters as it will not scratch them.

Thermometer ~ Short / Glass


Used to ensure the correct temperature for your brew. Glass is extremely accurate but is breakable, so care must be taken when using a glass thermometer  

Gauge Guard - Stainless Steel for MK4 Regulator (Bump Guard)


Are you like us?  Do you sometimes push in your Kegerator too hard against the wall with the gas bottle on the back?  Maybe you've broken a dial in the process of dropping or transporting your gas bottle with the regulator attached. Or perhaps you're in a busy cafe/bar and someone needs to change over the tank and they drop...

Carbon Filter Set


Complete Carbon Filter Set: 1 x Beer Filtering System 1 x Carbon Filter

Micron Filter Set


Complete Micron Filter Set: 1 x Beer Filtering System 1 x Micron Filter

1 Micron Washable Filter


- 10inch for compatibility- PE reinforced plastic shell to protect your filter from rupturing, or physical damage.- Washable (recommended wash with Sodium Percarbonate)- 1 micron absolute rated for most efficient filter action.Suitable filter for our 10inch Beer Filtering System

Beer Filtering System


These 10inch filter systems can use both our 10 inch filter cartridges, either the Washable Reinforced Filter 1 Micron (suitable for filtering beer) and the 1 Micron Carbon Filter (suitable for filtering water) Features:- Clear high pressure housing- Purge valve to expel air pockets- ½” BSP inlet and outlet- Includes brass ball valve- Brass threaded ports for durability- Compatible with other 10”...

Grainfather G30 Top/Bottom Pump Silicone Tubes


Replacement Pump Silicone Tubes x 2 for The Grainfather

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