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Seed grain bread flour


Our range of bread flours will help you make sensational bread. Seed Grain bread flour will help you achieve the specific bread attribute your family will love. 

SHHB Bread Improver


Our improvers are suitable for both instant and fermentation doughs as well as conditioners and concentrates that will help you achieve the specific bread properties you seek.

SHHB Bakers Flour


Versatile and superior protein strength flour milled from a carefully selected blend of Australian hard wheats

SHHB Instant Dry Yeast


Instant Dried Yeast is a premium baker's yeast that is simple and easy to use. Instant Dried Yeast is more concentrated in live organisms compared to compressed dry yeast.

Soy Linseed flour


Our Soy Linseed flour will help you make sensational bread. Soy Linseed bread is extremely popular, delicious and a light healthy alternative and is a great for entertaining.

SHHB Gluten Free Bread Flour


Our Gluten Free Bread Flour is delicious and healthy for you, your family and friends. 

Green Living Sourdough Culture


Making sourdough bread at home; Use 1/4 of a gram of culture to make 1 kg of pre-dough. Feed your predough and keep it alive for months or even years. Start a new predough whenever you want. Use different types of flour to enhance your sourdough making. This Sourdough Starter Culture is a mixture of multiple strains of bacteria, which...

Soughdough making


This is a fun class...