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Davis & Waddell Round Proving Basket ~ 22cm


The round loaf proving basket is perfect for rising dough and helps maintain it’s shape before baking. It allows the dough to develop flavour and texture while creating a spiral imprint which will leave you with a beautiful artisan style loaf. Perfect for a variety of breads including white, rye and sourdough. Specifications: Perfect for rising dough Helps maintain the...

SHHB Bakers Flour


Versatile and superior protein strength flour milled from a carefully selected blend of Australian hard wheats

SHHB Instant Dry Yeast


Instant Dried Yeast is a premium baker's yeast that is simple and easy to use. Instant Dried Yeast is more concentrated in live organisms compared to compressed dry yeast.

Soy Linseed flour


Our Soy Linseed flour will help you make sensational bread. Soy Linseed bread is extremely popular, delicious and a light healthy alternative and is a great for entertaining.

Green Living Sourdough Culture


Making sourdough bread at home; Use 1/4 of a gram of culture to make 1 kg of pre-dough. Feed your predough and keep it alive for months or even years. Start a new predough whenever you want. Use different types of flour to enhance your sourdough making. This Sourdough Starter Culture is a mixture of multiple strains of bacteria, which...

Basic Sourdough Demonstration - 2023


Sourdough is naturally leavened bread, which means it doesn’t use commercial yeast to rise. Instead, it uses a ‘starter’ – a fermented flour and water mixture that contains wild yeast and good bacteria – to rise. This also produces the tangy flavour and slightly chewy texture you’ll find in sourdough. Wild yeast has more flavour than commercial yeast, and is...