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Still Spirits Fast Turbo Pack


Fast is the quickest Turbo Yeast on the planet, fermenting out 6kg of sugar in less than 24 hours and producing very good distillate.

Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo Yeast


Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo Yeast (240g) Classic is the best all rounder Turbo Yeast, performing excellently under most conditions. Use with 8 kg of sugar for high ABV, or 6 kg of sugar for fast fermenting. Classic has been further improved with the inclusion of new mineral absorbents, further improving distillate quality. We recommend you use Turbo Carbon as...

Still Spirits Turbo Clear Part A & B


Transform your alcohol quality! Turbo Clear is added directly into your turbo wash and within 24 hours removes over 95% of the yeast cells, solids and other compounds from the wash. If Turbo Clear is not used then yeast cells will break open during the boiling process releasing off flavour and smell into your distillate but also impurities absorbed by...

Dextrose 1kg


Dextrose (brewing sugar)is 100% fermentable and is used to make alcohol.  Dextrose ferments cleaner than other sugars leaving less sediment and bi-products.

Still Spirits Top Shelf - Cherry Bourbon


Cherry Bourbon spirit essence has the flavour of a premium bourbon infused with ripe black cherries for a smooth and sweet taste.

Demijohn 5lt


Glass Carboy 5lt, Demijohn Italian made for home brewing and wine making.

Still Spirits - Top Shelf Aussie Gold Rum


Makes an Australian gold style Rum flavouring with sweet molasses notes.

Still Spirits - Top Shelf Liqueur Base A


Gives the ideal finished thickness and sweetness to Liqueurs. Add alcohol as indicated on the essence bottle in a large mixing bowl. Slowly add pack contents while stirring with a whisk. Add essence and top up to 1.125L (40oz) with water.

Still Spirits - Top Shelf Cream Liqueur Base


Gives the ideal finished thickness and sweetness to Cream Liqueurs. Add 250mls warm water to large mixing jug. Add contents very slowly while stirring thoroughly with a whisk. Add alcohol as indicated on essence bottle & top up to 1.125L (40oz) with water.

Still Spirits Cream Base Icon


In a mixing jug add 200mls (6.8oz) of water and 200mls (6.8oz) of vodka or filtered alcohol at 40% ABV. Add contents of Icon Cream Liqueur Base and whisk vigorously to thoroughly dissolve. Pour into a 750ml (26oz) bottle and add Icon Irish Cream pouch. Shake until dissolved and then top up with vodka or filtered alcohol at 40% ABV.

Still Spirits Turbo Sugar - 2kg


A formulation of sugars & carbon designed for producing alcohol for distilling. Produces a purer wash resulting in cleaner distillate.

Still Spirits Original Bourbon


Mix together and shake well. Makes 5 litres. Add 7.5mL per 750mL alcohol @ 40%. Add 11.25mL per 1125mL alcohol @ 40%.

Edwards Essences - Sapphire Blue Gin


This rich and highly aromatic Gin flavour is typical of a premium quality Gin with international recognition. The subtle Juniper berry notes are enhanced by a variety of other botanical and herb extracts. Mixes exceptionally well with Tonic Water.

Dextrose 25kg


Dextrose (brewing sugar) is 100% fermentable and is used to make alcohol.  Dextrose ferments cleaner than other sugars leaving less sediment and bi-products.

Spirits Unlimited - Tennessee Whisky Oak Chips


Freshly chipped from wet Jack Daniels barrels imparts obvious Jack Daniels flavour within two week,

Still Spirits Original Vodka


A traditional vodka flavouring. Flavours up to 5L

Still Spirits Pure Turbo Pack


TRIPLE DISTILLED TURBO YEAST gives you the ultimate alcohol quality. Make triple distilled quality at home. Only use in cooler air temps (18-24°C). TURBO CARBON removes impurities not taken out by post distillation filtration. It significantly improves turbo yeast performance. After distillation filter using the EZ Filter system.

Alcometers ~ Long & Short


Used to measure alcohol in distilled spirits, comes with plastic storage case. Available in long & short sizes for your convenience.

Still Spirits Top Shelf - Southern Whiskey


Makes a smoot and complex American style whiskey flavour with lingering woody notes.

Still Spirits Classic American Bourbon


Creates a rich smokey bourbon with wood barrel aromas and subtle chocolate and vanilla notes for a smooth finish. Instructions: Add sachet contents to 1.125 L (1.2 US qt) of 40% ABV alcohol. Rinse out any remaining essence from the sachet with some of the alcohol. Ingredients: Flavouring (milk, barley), colour (150a)

Still Spirits Classic Spiced Gold Rum


Creates a smooth, honey coloured rum combined with warm spices and dark caramel notes.

Still Spirits T500 Crimped Temp Sensor


T500 digital temperature sensor with teflon wire and stainless steel probe for use with the Turbo 500 Still System. Calibrated in 0.1 degree steps. It has a crimped 45mm stainless steel probe for the correct insertion depth into the exit water flow. Plastic coated Teflon wire. This unit can be set to either Celcius or Farenheit and has On/Off and...

Still Spirits Classic Tennessee Bourbon


Classic Tennessee Bourbon Essence makes a full flavoured sour mash whiskey, mellow, smooth and aromatic. Great over ice, or with Coke. It tastes similar to Jack Daniels. Makes 1.125 litres

Still Spirits Classic Australian Gold Rum


A golden warming rum style flavouring followed with sweet wine and vanilla after notes and a lingering alcohol taste complimenting the gentle spiciness. Makes 1.125 litres

Turbo Air Still Carbon Cartridges (pack of 10)


Each carbon cartridge is suitable to filter up to 1125mls (40oz) of distilled spirit or grain alcohol. Discard old cartridge after each use.

Still Spirits - Top Shelf Pear Schnapps


A delicate Pear Schnapps. Add essence and 650ml Alcohol @ 40% to SS Schnapps Base (made up as per Schnapps Base Pack instructions. Alternatively 180ml Sugar and 100ml Liquid Glucose. Top up to 1.125L with water.

Still Spirits - Top Shelf Candy Shots Liqueur


Makes a candy style liqueur flavouring with a sweet confectionary taste. Add essence and 650ml Alcohol @ 40% to SS Liqueur Base "A" (made up as per Liqueur Base "A" instructions). Alternatively 180ml Sugar and 100ml Liquid Glucose. Top up to 1.125L with water.

Still Spirit - Top Shelf Vodka


Makes a premium style Vodka flavouring that is both subtle and smooth. Shake well and add contents to 2.25 L (76 US fl oz) of 40% ABV distilled spirit or vodka. Makes three 750 ml (25 US fl oz) bottles.

Still Spirits - Top Shelf Southern Haze


A smooth, delicious, full-bodied liquor with a touch of sweetness, a mellow aroma and a rich amber colour

Still Spirits - Top Shelf Rye Whiskey


A light Canadian style Whiskeyflavour. Hints of rye, malts and barley.

Still Spirits Top Shelf - Kentucky Bourbon


A rich, fruity, sweet, complex Bourbon reminiscent of famous American Bourbons

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Kafe


Dense and sweet, with a distinct taste of coffee in the style of Kahlua, our Kafe premix flavour is used in many notable liqueur cocktails, including The B-52, Mudslide and Black Russian. It’s also enjoyed in cold cream, milk or mixed with hot coffee.

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Irish Cream


Rich and creamy in the style of the famous Bailey’s Irish Cream. Great by itself, over ice or as an addition to coffee. Ideal in the layered shooter “Cowboy”, add 1 part cold Butterscotch Schnapps, one part Irish Cream. Samuel Willard’s Irish Cream premix flavour makes 1125mL of finished product when mixed as per directions on the bottle.

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Butterscotch Schnapps


Brown sugar, butter, cream and hints of vanilla bean. This Butterscotch Schnapps Premix liqueur version is really nice over ice or as a cocktail, you could try mixing a “Dirty Butt”, use equal parts of Irish cream , Butterscotch Schnapps & Southern Comfort. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Triple-Sec


French for “Triple Dry” and dating back as far as the 1830’s, dominated by the zesty tang of roasted and sun dried orange peel. A key ingredient in the now famous cocktail, Cosmopolitan, Mixed with 2 parts lemon Vodka to one part Triple Sec combined with one part Cranberry Juice and the juice of half a lime. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Barrel Soakers


Samuel Willard’s Oak Chips are made using REAL used oak barrels and have been designed to impart true oak characteristics into your alcohol. Now you can customise your drinks to suit simply by soaking the related barrel chips in your alcohol. Bourbon, Rum & Whisky Chips available

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