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Casey's FWK - American Amber Ale


A hoppy American style amber ale. Deep copper colour. Toffee sweetness on a dry malty background.

Casey's FWK - American Pale Ale


A classic American style pale ale. Brewed with ale, Munich and crystal malts. Mashed at 66/67 degrees. Hopped to 35 IBU @ 20 litres with Chinook and  Cascade. Recommended yeast Safale US-05

Casey's FWK - Extra Pale Ale


A pale XPA with a light biscuity note in the malt hopped with straight El Dorado late in the boil and one addition in the whirlpool.

Casey's FWK - Kolsch


A Cologne style ale, golden colour, well-bodied and malty. Slightly sweet in the mouth from the warmer mash temperature, but finishing dry from an attenuative yeast. Lightly bittered but late hopping with Hallertau Mittelfruh provides a nice hop flavour and aroma.

Casey's FWK - New England IPA


A paler, slightly hazy NEIPA with good malt character to support the hop. Slightly to the sweet side with a warmish mash temperature.

Casey's FWK - Pale Ale


A very light coloured pale ale brewed with 7% flaked rice. Hopped with Cascade and Hort 4337, a new tropical style hop from New Zealand. Moderately bittered with plenty of late, and whirlpool hopping. Mashed at 67 degrees. Recommended dried yeast is Safale US-05 or similar. Dry hopping is recommended at 2 to 3 grams per litre with Hort 4337 or any...

Casey's FWK - Pilsner


A Bohemian (Czech) style pilsner. Golden colour with a full and slightly sweet malt character balanced by a firm bitterness and plenty of Saaz hop flavour and aroma.

Casey's FWK - Smoked Ruby Ale


Description: Malts: Maris Otter, smoked malt, CaraAroma, CaraRed and black malt Mash temperature: 65°C Hopping: 25 IBU, German Magnum, Hallertau Mittelfruh, and East Kent Goldings Recommended yeast: Safale S-04, Lallemand Nottingham can be used for a drier finish. Modifications

Casey's FWK - Stout & Porter


Brew undiluted for 17L of dark rich stout or dilute up at 20L for a lighter porter style. Malts: Ale, amber, brown black. Mash temperature: 66°C. Hopping: 40 IBU, East Kent Goldings and Magnum. Yeast - US-05

Casey's FWK - Ultra Pale Ale


A Casey’s own style, very pale straw coloured beer. Light biscuity malt character with a soft grainy touch from the use of malted maize. Balanced between sweet and dry. Lightly bittered but with plenty of tropical hop character shining through with late additions of Azacca in the kettle and whirlpool.

Casey's FWK - Wheat Beer


A Bavarian style wheat beer with 50% wheat malt, 50% barley malt.

Caseys FWK - Amarillo Ale


A golden ale, slightly sweet with light toasty maltiness. Plenty of Amarillo hops late in the boil. Malts: Ale, pale, Vienna, and pale crystal Mash temperature: 67°C. Hopping: 38 – 40 IBU, straight Amarillo in five additions Recommended yeast: Safale US-05, Lallemand BRY-97 or similar well attenuating American yeast Modifications: Dry hop with Amarillo at 2 to 3 grams per litre. Can be brewed undiluted as an IPA.