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Book - Home Cheese Making in Australia ~ 2nd Edition


Home Cheese Making in Australia is a journey through cheese, starting with simpler soft cheeses and moving through to the more elaborate hard cheeses. It contains clear, concise instructions as well as a list of necessary equipment and troubleshooting questions. This is also the only cheese making book written for the Australian market and that is backed by an Australian company who are happy to answer any questions that arise when trying to make the cheeses from the book. Through her website Green Living Australia, Valerie also supplies all the ingredients and tools needed to make cheese.

This book is the culmination of over 25 years of home cheese making, and some intensive research to understand the science behind the art of cheese making. Valerie has been running cheese making courses across the country since 2004 and has already helped hundreds of Australians learn how to create their very own cheese.


  • Over 40 recipes for cheeses, yoghurt and kefir
  • More than 280 information packed pages
  • Full colour photographs of each cheese
  • Scientific breakdown of the cheese making process
  • Equipment and ingredients sections

Included Recipes:

  • 10 Fresh, unripened cheeses
  • 15 Hard cheeses
  • 5 Stretched curd cheeses
  • 5 Eye cheeses
  • 2 White mould ripened cheeses
  • 4 Blue mould cheeses
  • 3 Washed rind cheeses
  • 2 Goat's milk cheeses
  • Whey ricotta
  • Sour cream
  • Yoghurt
  • Kefir