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Guten 70ltr Brewery System

Note: This product cannot be 'shipped'. You must pick up in store or Contact us for other delivery options

Keg King Guten Brewery System Packages provide brewers with a great way to get into all-grain brewing. 

You'll get the famous Keg King Guten All In One Brewery System supplied with accessories to get you started.


This MASTER BREWER package includes extra components for the highest level of brewery control than either the New or Head Brewer Package:

Requires 15amp power supply

Hop Spider

Immersion Chiller

76cm Stainless Steel Mash Paddle


Brewing gloves

70L Whirlpool Arm

Stainless Steel Standing False Bottom

2 Roller Grain Mill

Cheaper than buying all the components separately and an excellent package to get new brewers to jump right in and start brewing!