Ice Bank / Temprite Cooler


The Icemaster 105 is a commercial grade ice bank cooler

that is extremly compact yet offers high performance for

small to medium volume customers.  This unit is ideally

suited to small bars, cafés, and restaurants. The unit can

also be converted to a glycol chiller with a small

modification to the thermostat.

The chiller includes a impeller and pump ready to flood

the font of your choice.


* Impeller + pump

* 4 stainless product lines ( 4 x 20meters x 8mm (5/16”))

* Brushed stainless steel finish


Size:    450mm x 450mm x 750mm

Ice Bank capacity:  10.5kg

Refrigerant:   r12/13

Weight (full/empty):  60kg/10kg

Capacity:   60L in first hr @ 20C

Pump:    18L/Min

Power:   240v, 380 Watts