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Keg King 19lt Keg


These premium brand new kegs are rated to 130psi working pressure and are made using a robotic orbital welding machine. The finish on these kegs are far superior to our other economy stainless steel kegs and are made with super smooth welds making them sanitary and easier to clean. The black rubber on these kegs also make them a little nicer to use around your house as they are less likely to damage your tile floors or crack plastic lining inside your kegerator. 

These kegs come with a 5 year warranty

Each of our 19L kegs comes with a reusable Keg King Beverage Tag. These versatile reusable labels can be used on kegs, fermenters or bottles. Makes it easy to keep track of what's in side with detailed notes on each vessel. Self adhesive and waterproof

Write on the beverage tag with a permanent marker and to wipe clean, use isopropyl alcohol. 

Approx dimensions: 214mm Diameter x 629mm High