Mad Millie Artisan's One Day Cheese Kit


The Artisan now include the cultures in the kit!

Mesophilic culture can be stored on the shelf in the kit, below 25C for up to 8 months and remain fully active.

This deluxe beginners' kit combines our hugely successful Fresh Cheese Kit, Beginners' Italian Kit and Cheesemaker.

This kit contains all the cheese-making equipment and ingredients to make mozzarella, ricotta, ricotta salata, mascarpone, feta, halloumi and more at home!

Kit Includes: The cheesemaker, 2 x feta moulds, pipette, thermometer, small ricotta basket with container, vegetarian rennet tablets, Artisan's cheese salt, calcium chloride, butter muslin, citric acid, cheese mat, mixed herbs, Idophor sterilizer, Mad Millie record pad, mesophilic culture, curd knife, culture and enzyme measuring spoons, draining spoon, Instruction manual and recipe booklet.