Mangrove Jack's CS Lord Finster/Dark Best Bitter - 3kg


Lord Finster, scallywag, rogue and incorrigible cad. But he wasn't completely without virtue. His talent for brewing good bitter pale ale matched his talent for bedding married women. But even he would struggle to better this one. A rich mahogany pour reveals an astonishing blend of fruit, pine needles and a bitterness that lingers on to perfection. It is complex, malty and the stuff of a legend - a bit like the good Lord Finster himself.

ABV Approx. 5%

Hops: Target, Summit

Bitterness: IBU 38-46

Bitterness: 4/5

Colour: Brown Russet

Kit contains: Malt, Yeast, Hops

Makes: 23 L

NET WEIGHT: 3kg (6.6 lb)