Tettnang (EUROPEGR) Hops Pellets

Pedigree Traditional German variety developed in the area of the same name.

Maturity Medium - early

Yield 1200 - 1600 kg./ha. or 1000 - 1400 lb./ac.

Growth Habit Moderately vigorous but not prolific cone producer

Disease/Pest Susceptibility Not resistant to German wilt strains. Some tolerance to downy mildew.

Pickability/Drying/Baling Good

Cone-Structure Medium-sized fairly tight cone

Lupulin Moderate amount, golden yellow

Aroma Mild and pleasant, slightly spicy

Alpha Acid 3.5 - 5.5% w/w

Beta Acid 3.5 - 5.5% w/w

Cohumulone 23 - 29% of alpha acids

Storageability 55 - 60% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 20°C

Total Oil 0.6 - 1.0 mls/100 grams

Myrcene 20 - 25% of whole oil

Humulene 20 - 25% of whole oil

Carophyllene 6 - 10% of whole oil

Farnesene 12 - 16% of whole oil

General Trade Perception Traditional, very fine or noble aroma hop.

Possible Substitutions German Spalt, German Select, US Tettnang, US Saaz, German Hersbrucker

Typical Beer Styles Lager, Ale, Pilsner, Weizen, Lambic, Alt, Kvlsch, Munich Helles

Additional Information Largely confined to the Tettnang area near Lake Constance.

Typical Hop Use Aroma