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Ansells English Mild Ale

Ansells English Mild Ale

1 x 1.7kg Coopers English Bitter                                                                  
1 x 1kg SHHB #1 Enhancer                            
25g Fuggles Hops (steeped 20min)
100g Chocolate Grain Shot (steeped 20min)
1 x LalBrew Nottingham Yeast

ABV: 3.2%
IBU: 23                                                     
SG: 1.033
FG: 1.009
Batch: 23ltrs

  1. Heat English Bitter tin in a pot of hot water for 10 minutes to loosen contents
  2. Add 1.5L of boiled water to fermenter, then add #1 Enhancer slowly to prevent clumping
  3. In a small bowl add 300ml of boiled water, then add the hops to steep 20min
  4. In a larger bowl add 500ml of boiled water, then add the grain shot to steep 20min
  5. Add to the fermenter the contents of the English Bitter and stir thoroughly to dissolve
  6. Pour 250ml of boiled water into beer tin and stir to dissolve remaining contents, then add to fermenter
  7. Add the steeped hops to the fermenter, add the liquid only from the steeped grain shot
  8. Fill the fermenter with water to 23L and test temperature, make sure it is between 18-24°C
  9. Take initial hydrometer reading and record it.
  10. Pitch the yeast and stir gently
Ale fermentation should be 22-24°C for 10 days – check your Final Gravity (FG) same over 2days your beer is ready – Bottle or Keg accordingly!