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Equipment - Grain


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BrewZilla Whirlpool Arm


BrewZilla Whirlpool Arm - Suits 35L & 65L The BrewZilla Whirlpool Arm is a new accessory brought to you by KegLand that suits both the 35L model and 65L. This accessory fits onto the existing recirculation pipe with a Stainless Steel Male Camlock fitting. The 6w internal magnetic pump will aid in circulating your wort for better hop extraction in...

Grainfather G30


The Grandfather Connect All in One Grain Brewing System is your all-in-one brewing system to make beer from grain. The sleek look, user friendly design, allows you to mash, sparge, boil and cool, all in the one system. Fully electric, and self-contained. Includes:  304 grade stainless steel superior body Tempered glass lid Magnetic drive pump (5 watt, 1800 RPM) Pump filter...

Tap Adapter Set for G30 & G70


Replacement/spare tap adapter set for use with Grainfather Brewing Systems. This is the metallic tap adapter set that allows the connection of most household faucets to a hose barb for the water side of the small and large Counterflow Chillers.

Mash Paddle - Stainless Steel


This mash paddle is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel and is an excellent brew tool, especially if you are brewing all-grain batches.

Grainfather Sparge Water Heater 18L


This Sparge Water Heater is a temperature controlled urn that allows you to heat up to 18 L of water. This makes the process easier, start heating your sparge water when you begin the mash to ensure it is ready for when you need to sparge. Once water is at required temperature, it will hold that temperature until changed or...

Compact Adjustable Magnetic Stirrer Machine


If you're new to brewing you'll soon learn that healthy yeast makes better beer. The best place to start with making healthy yeast is to build up their numbers. We like to use Brewer's Friend's Yeast Calculator to find out how much yeast you need to build up to get the best possible beer fermented. In combination with a 1000mL, 3000mL or...

Conical Fermenter Transfer Kit


Easily attach to the Grainfather Conical Fermenter, for a clean and simple way to transfer your beer without the need to lift the fermenter to perform a gravity fed transfer. This also ensures less chance of oxygen entering the beer during transfer. All you need is a C02 bottle and a regulator.

Grain Mill 3 Roller


The Grain Mill (3 Roller) is constructed using materials that will last a lifetime. Cold rolled steel for the rollers, 6061 Aluminum body and hopper with long lasting hardened steel bearings.The 3 roller design has the main advantage that it draws in the grain better and gives improved milling throughout.

Grainfather Glycol Chiller


Temperature control is one of the most crucial elements for producing a good quality beer. It needs to be regulated and stable throughout the whole fermentation process to ensure the yeast doesn't get stressed and ferments correctly to get the right flavour profile. With the ability to individually power and control the temperature of up to four Grainfather Conical Fermenters,...

Grainfather G40


The Grainfather G40 brewing system has a bigger capacity and better connectivity. Produce up to 40L (11 US Gal) of beer from one brew. Connect your mobile device to the smart controller with built-in wireless control via the Grainfather App, for step-by-step brewing and access to 1000s of recipes. Features: Sleek 304 grade stainless steel body Heats wort evenly with...

Grainfather G70


The original, all-grain brewing system is now bigger and better.  If you’re looking for Grainfather quality in a larger capacity with app integration and smart brewing technology, the G70 is your true brewing companion. Fully compatible with our Conical Fermenter and Glycol Chiller for the ultimate advanced brewery setup.

BrewZilla 35L - Gen.3.1.1


The All-in-One Brewery alternative with re-circulation pump as standard. Dual Element Control (1900w & 500w) Step timing and delay start feature. The BrewZilla Also works great with our: Alcoengine Pot & Alcoengine Reflux  Note: If you are using one of these stills with the BrewZilla you will require a different lid which can be purchased from us.