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Accessories - Hydroponics


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Flairform PH Test Kit


The Flairform pH Test Kit is a simple, no fuss way to measure the pH level of hydroponics Nutrient. Simple and easy to use; Fill the supplied test tube with nutrient Add one drop of solution Match the colour with the chart on the bottle to determine the pH level. The Flairform pH Test Kit will provide an accurate result every time. Even well...

Cultiv8 Heat Mat


Heat mats are not just for gardening. They are very useful for providing consistent, controllable heating for other hobbies including reptile and arachnid keeping (heating for enclosures and terrariums), home-brewing (maintaining of fermentation temperatures) and more. With this thermostat you can easily expand any heat mat's functionality so that it provides the precise level of warmth your pets or projects require to flourish. The...



Ducting is an important component in creating a well-functioning hydroponic grow system, as it helps regulate the airflow, temperature, and humidity levels within the growing environment. Proper ventilation is a critical aspect of successful hydroponic growing, and ducting plays a key role in achieving this. Choosing the right type of ducting, connectors, and insulation can help you create an efficient...

Zip-Zag Bag Sandwich


Zip-Zag bags are manufactured in Canada using a special patented dual lock zipper system and are reusable, resealable and 100% reliable. Zip-Zag manufacture the world’s only smell proof resealable bag with an odour transfer rate 400 times lower than a typical zip lock bag. Zip-Zag bags are fully transparent so the contents can be seen without the need to open...

Zip-Zag Sandwich Bags 28g


Zip Zag Sandwich Bag 25 Pack (1 oz) are purpose-made, re-sealable plastic bags manufactured using a specialized plastic and patented ‘Dual Lock’ zipper system. The result is a tough, re-sealable, and 100% reliable storage bag with an oxygen transfer rate 400 times lower than the leading zip lock bags. Zip-Zag Brand Bags are the only re-sealable plastic bags that work at...

Nulife PH Test Kit


This is a great entry level pH test kit that allows gardener's to gauge the pH of their nutrient solution.

Light Grip Rope Ratchets


Light Grip Rope Ratchets allow you to secure items quickly and easily. Carabiner clips provide a secure hold. Great for hoisting or securing reflectors, light fixtures, carbon filters and ventilation equipment. Retail pack of 2 Locking carabiner ratchets 3.2 x 1820mm Rope 68kg Safe Working Load per pair Heat and cold resistant

HY-Gen Complete PH Test Kit


HYGEN COMPLETE pH KIT is an easy and accurate way to keep track of the nutrient solution pH. The kit gives the added ability to adjust your pH using the pH UP and pH DOWN solutions provided. Adjusting the pH is quite easy and after some time and experience it becomes an art as you start to learn more about...

AZ Waterproof pH Meter Pen


AZ Waterproof pH pens raise the bar in ease of use, reliability, function and price point. AZ meters provide a big IP65 LCD screen with dual pH and temperature display. Wide pH measuring range from 0 to 14 and a temperature range of -5°C to +60°C. Waterproof IP65 keypad with simple one touch auto calibration. Also includes a hold button...

Cultiv8 Thermometer / Hygrometer with Prove


12/24 hours selectable 2 minutes alarm with 5 minutes interval Indoor temperature range: -9 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius Ondoor temperature range: -30 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius> Indoor humidity range: 20% - 90% Records Min / Max temperature With 1.5M thermometer probe Battery Type: 2 x AAA

Cultiv8 Heat Mat - Medium


CULTIV8 heat mat warms the rooting area and vastly improves germination success rate. Double insulated C-tick certified Heat dispersion plugs included  

Scalpel - Disposable Single


Using a clean, sharp knife or scalpel when taking cuttings, helps prevent damage to the parent plant and to the cutting's rooting edge. It also helps prevent the spread of disease between plants.



The uses for these Mammoth Hooks is endless. From hanging loose cords in your grow tents, hanging your lights, helping to train your plants, and so much more. Strong, sturdy steel hooks.

Pruner ARS 300L


The ARS Fruit Pruner is a premium pruner / trimmer. It has long, straight pointed blades for accurate trimming. ARS Pruners have strong comfortable non-slip handles with a soft coil spring, allowing the user to trim over long periods without discomfort. Perfect for most harvesting and light gardening applications, including hydroponics and bonsai. Overall Length 190mm Blade length 70mm Weight 110g All metal construction Light weight...

Measuring Jug 250ml


This plastic jug is great for accurately measuring all liquid nutrients, fertilizers or mixing and accurately measures liquids up to 250ml