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Sauces, Rubs & Spices


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Kieltys Irish Sauce ~ Whiskey Pear Spice Mustard


This is a mild flavoured mustard, similar to dijon mustard. It has a sweet pear flavour and a whiskey essence. 250ml

Kieltys Irish Sauce ~ Smoked Chilli Mustard


This Mustard is so good! It's got a coarse seedy texture with a subtle smokey flavour and a nice kick of chilli.  Excellent on a steak or with cold meats and cheese. 250ml

Kieltys Irish Sauce ~ PK Sauce


A new artisan style HP sauce. A tomato based sauce, fruity, tangy and lightly spiced. 250ml 

Kieltys Irish Sauce ~ Reaper & Rose Sauce


An unusual combination of reapers and rose petals. Quite hot with a floral after taste. A delicious hot sauce, one of our best sellers.  250ml

Kieltys Irish Sauce ~ Stout Onion Mustard


This is a rustic style wholegrain mustard, with a slight bitter stout flavour, balanced out with sweet caramelised onion. 250ml

Kieltys Irish Sauce ~ Habanero & Smoked Apricot Hot Sauce


This is a seriously fiery Habanero Hot Sauce! It has plenty of zing a bit of tang, fruitiness from the apricots and a subtle smokey flavour.    250ml

Kieltys Irish Sauce ~ Hand Smoked Chipotle BBQ Sauce


A smokey BBQ Sauce. Best eaten with BBQ meats and seafood, excellent as a marinade. 250ml

Kieltys Irish Sauce ~ Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce


Hot sweet chilli sauce, best eaten with grilled chicken, burgers, snags, and great added to dressings. 250ml

Kieltys Irish Sauce ~ Brown Sauce


An English style Brown Sauce / Chefs sauce. A wonderful combination of plums, apples, vinegar and spices. A very tasteful sauce with a good tangy kick. 250ml

Kieltys Irish Sauce ~ Savage Bastard Sauce


Using 4 of the hottest chilli's in the world, (Carolina reaper, ghost chilli, Trinidad scorpion & habanero). Balanced out with pickled strawberries and preserved lemon, a hint of roasted black pepper, apple cider vinegar and sea salt. 250ml

Kieltys Irish Sauce ~ Aussie Pie Sauce


It’s a Fruity, tomatoey sauce with a good zing and a hint of spice. 250ml