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Equipment - Distilling


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Alembic Dome Pot Condenser


Still Spirits Alembic Dome, Pot Condenser

Still Spirits Air Still Pro


The Air Still Pro is a small-batch, 2-in-1 distillation system that allows you to craft high quality light and dark spirits. With a multi-purpose condenser and interchangeable distillation tips, the Air Still Pro enables you to produce clean, neutral spirits at up to 90% ABV in reflux mode and make flavoursome and botanical-infused spirits at up to 80% ABV in...

Still Spirits Air Still Complete Package


The Still Spirits Air Still Complete Package includes: 4L Air Still 10L Fermenter with Thermometer Carbon Filter System with Spirit Collector Mixing Spoon Distilling Conditioner Boil Enhancers Hydrometer Instructions Air Still Fermentation Kit (Turbo Yeast & Nutrients, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear for making a 8L wash producing 2L of 40% alcohol) NB: You will need 2.2kgs of sugar per each Air Still...

Air Still Carbon filter and collection system


Remove unwanted impurities from your home distilled spirits with the Still Spirits Air Still Carbon Filter and Collection System. Air Still Carbon Filter & Collection System includes:• 1 x Carbon Filter and Collection System• 1 x 50 ml Still Spirits Top Shelf Distilling Conditioner (Ingredients: Water, silicone antifoam)• 1 x 30 g Still Spirits Ceramic Boil Enhancers

Air Still


The Still Spirits TURBO AIR STILL System uses a revolutionary still which will be right at right at home amongst your everyday kitchen appliances.

Turbo Air Still Filter System - Still Spirits


This fermenter and filter system is made specifically to complement the Air still fermentation pack. Perfect for those people with limited space.