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Equipment - Flavourings


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Gin Basket ~ 140mm


140mm long stainless steel mesh cannister with a hook to hang from the thermowell inside the pot head condenser. Holds approximately 60g of mixed botanicals. Comes with instructions and packaged in a carton with hang tab.

Still Spirits Air Still 240V/320W


An air-cooled pot still that allows you to distill small batches of flavourful spirits with up to 60% ABV. Ideal for beginners. Also suitable for distilled water and hydrosols.   #50299

Condenser Product Arm Complete


Great for use with your home brew

Pure Distilling Proofing Parrot


Proofing Parrot Kit is all copper construction with a water-cooling coil which brings the output water temperature to around 20 degrees, allowing for continuous alcoholmeter readings without having to do corrections. Comes with hoses and connectors and a “perch” to mount the Proofing Parrot Kit onto the boiler. If using an extension or Sight glass mount the perch so it...

EZ Filter System


The Ez Filter is a new development in filtration. It uses a specially formulated solid activated carbon cartridge to remove unwanted flavours from distilled water.   #55451

Pure Distilling - Complete All in One System


NO waiting around & NO constant adjustments Just fill up & go Nothing else on the market comes close to providing the ease of use, reliability and quality.  The whole system is designed to save, time, money and parts, and fit in one box for easier storage and cheaper shipping. **You can upgrade to a Stainless-Steel Filter for an additional...

AlcoEngine Pot Head


Note: With Robobrew units you will need to purchase the KL03483 stainless lid with 47m hole. This is sold separately and is not included with the Robobrew unit.  The stock glass lid that comes with the Robobrew unit will not be suitable. Features Lead free brass. Lead free silver soldering. High quality manufacture Super easy to use Australian Design

Still Spirits Air Still Pro


The Air Still Pro is a small-batch, 2-in-1 distillation system that allows you to craft high quality light and dark spirits. With a multi-purpose condenser and interchangeable distillation tips, the Air Still Pro enables you to produce clean, flavorsome and botanical-infused water. The Air Still Pro is easy to use and suitable for keen beginners or more advanced distillers looking...

Still Spirits Air Still Package


The Still Spirits Air Still Complete Package includes: 4L Air Still  10L Fermenter with Thermometer Carbon Filter System with Spirit Collector Mixing Spoon Distilling Conditioner Boil Enhancers Hydrometer Instructions 3 Year Warranty Best product for small batch Essential Oils, Botanicals & water

Alembic Dome Pot Condenser


This premium copper alembic dome and condenser is designed to produce high quality, rich and flavourful spirits such as whiskey, rum, bourbon, and brandy.   #51079K

Air Still Carbon filter and collection system


Air Still Carbon Filter & Collection System includes:• 1 x Carbon Filter and Collection System• 1 x 50 ml Still Spirits Top Shelf Distilling Conditioner (Ingredients: Water, silicone antifoam)• 1 x 30 g Still Spirits Ceramic Boil Enhancers #50303

Air Still


The Still Spirits TURBO AIR STILL System uses a revolutionary still which will be right at right at home amongst your everyday kitchen appliances. Great product for small batch of essential Oils, Botanicals or Water Distilling. #50299

Fuselex Master Filter


The Fuselex Master Spirit Filter delivers the best results, every time. Made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel, and designed for the home brew industry, this filter is the best money can buy. Using 350 grams of Granulated Activated Carbon, (GAC), you get maximum contact time with your beverage. GAC is a highly efficient and effective treatment for the removal of taint and...