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Seahawk Grow Tents


Crafted with intelligence and incorporating top-notch grow tent elements, Seahawk Grow Tents are the epitome of smart design. Constructed entirely from light-proof thick ADF reflective material, it guarantees complete opacity. The surface of this material boasts a refined 'diamond-like' structure, which serves two essential purposes. Firstly, it diffuses light in multiple directions, ensuring uniform illumination. Secondly, it aids in heat...

Mammoth Tent Elite HC G1 1800 x 1100 x 2400 mm


This Mammoth Elite HC tent is a premium product in a line of grow tents designed for indoor gardening, particularly for hydroponics. Features of this grow tent: The ultimate in quality for the professional grower Heavy duty frame, corners and fabric, with stainless steel / aluminium click system Dual multiple intake and extraction socks Equipment tubes that have a 75kg...