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Accessories - Beer


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S type Airlock (vintage)


S type Airlock for Fermenter (vintage)

Crown Seals - 250pk


Crown Seals are used on 750ml Bottles. Can be great for reusing bottles like Coopers & VB long necks Using different coloured crown seals is a useful way of easily recognising each batch of bottles brewed. Green are great for screw top bottles.

Morgan's PET Bottle Caps


Replacement pack of 60 caps for PET bottles - 750ml

Stick on Thermometer


Stick on Thermometer for Fermenter 

Fermenter Tap


White Fermenter Tap

Airlock Grommet


Airlock Grommet

Sediment Reducer


Sediment Reducer for Fermenter Tap

RAPT Pills - Hydrometer & Thermometer


The RAPT Pill allows accurate and precise, true real-time specific gravity and temperature logging and control via wifi/bluetooth integration with the RAPT fermentation chamber, RAPT mobile app or RAPT IOT.  The RAPT Pill acts as both a real-time gravity testing hydrometer and thermometer allowing instant gravity and temperature measurements and also logging from inside your fermenter during fermentation. The RAPT...

Bottle Tree - Red


This red bottle tree will hold a total of 66 bottles. The design allows for simple and efficient rinsing, cleaning and drying of your brew bottles. This item is also compatible with the Bottle Rinser.

Stirring Paddle - 60cm


60cm Stainless Steel Stirring Paddle

Spoons 40cm & 60cm


Food grade plastic spoon can tolerate contact with boiling temperatures. Strongly recommended for use with plastic fermenters as it will not scratch them.

Bottle Rinser


This bottle rinser makes rinsing and sanitizing bottles much easier. Just fill the unit with rinse water or sanitizing solution. Then take a bottle and invert it over the white injector tube. Push the bottle up and down a couple times and the water or sanitizing solution will be injected into the bottle..The bottle rinser can sit on a work...

Blue Brew Bottler with Spring


Spring Bottle Filler Plastic 3/8 

Beer / Wine Hydrometer


Beer/ Wine Hydrometer

Grainfather GF30 Fermenter Coat


The Grainfather GF30 Conical Fermenter Coat is the perfect fitment for those in a climate that experiences high condensation rates when using either using the Grainfather GC4/GC2 Glycol Chiller or Cooling Pump Kit to lower the fermenter’s temperature. Features: Made from high quality 5mm thick SBR foam. Consists of two independent sections for both the main body and the fermenter cone for...

Heat Belt


Heating Belt 30 Watt

Bottle Tree - Orange


Perfect for cleaning all your beer and wine bottles.Simply wash then hang them upside down on the tree to drain, then fill.The bottle tree has 7 layers, holds 9 bottles for each layer for a total of 63 bottles for the whole bottle tree.

Growler Screw Cap Silver


38mm Silver Aluminium Screw Cap with Liner to fit Growlers or Jars.

Stainless Steel Hop Tube with Chain


This hop tube is made from 304 stainless steel and is ideal for addling larger amounts of hop pellets, flowers or spices to your RoboBrew without blocking the pump. It can also be used in your Brewhouse Kettle/Boiler, 19L Corny keg, Kegmenter, Kegasaurus & the Fermentasaurus. It cannot fit in a standard 50L Keg as the opening is not wide...

Stainless Steel Hop Bomb


The hop bomb is ideal for containing pelletised hops or hop flowers. The hop bomb can fit up 30 grams of pelletised hops in the bomb, at 30 grams it will approximately half fill the hop bomb leaving enough space for the hops to move and for you to get efficient extraction of the hop bitterness and aroma. 

Refractometer Sugar Measuring Reader Meter


Main Features: This refractometer is designed according to the principle that different concentrations liquid have different refractive index, with quick and accurate characteristics. Automatic temperate compensation, the temperature of the water sample will not influence the reading Aluminium construction, heavy-duty lightweight and small volume, convenient to carry Soft silicone handle provides good touching feeling High definition eyepiece gives you a broader...



The Hydrom is an innovative, smart device that takes monitoring and control of your brewing process to a new level. It accurately measures temperature, alcohol content, and other key parameters to give you detailed insight into the progress of your fermentation at any time. With its user-friendly, cloud-independent technology and extensive compatibility with multiple platforms, the Hydrom is the perfect...

Mangrove Jack's Hop Spider


The Mangrove Jack’s Hop Spider keeps hops together during the boil. It can be used on all appropriate sized boil pots, including the Grainfather.  Made with a coarser 800 micron mesh for maximum wort flow and increased hop utilisation.  SpecsDiameter: 15 cm Length: 30 cm Material: 800 micron 304 grade stainless steel mesh, with stainless steel support band and single hook

Mixing Paddles - Stainless Steel


Material: Stainless Steel Length: 900mm & 750mm

Mixing Paddle - Wooden


Material: Beechwood Length: 750mm

Sugar 3 Way Measure


These innovative and easy-to-use sugar measures can be used to quickly and effectively measure out sugar for your wine, beer or cider. Whether you're using Dextrose or Table Sugar, it is always best to get the most accurate measure as possible.This measuring cup is measured by a flat scoop. Not a heaped scoop.

Thermometer ~ Short / Glass


Used to ensure the correct temperature for your brew. Glass is extremely accurate but is breakable, so care must be taken when using a glass thermometer  

The Ultimate Growler ~ 2Lt


This Growler is made from 304 Stainless Steel that is completely impervious to oxygen and sunlight (UV) meaning your precious amber liquid is in the absolute best storage container possible.Unlike other growlers this growler comes with double wall vacuum insulation to give you insulation like no other growler. So forget taking the esky this baby will stay cold for hours.Most...

The Amazing Hop Spider Filter


Your friendly neighbourhood Hop Spider! Designed to help prevent hops blocking your pump or getting into your chiller / fermenter. It sits over the edge of your kettle, keggle, pot or even RoboBrew. Simply bend the handle to suit your vessel.

Morgan's Cooler Bag


Great way to cool your fermenter without using electricity

Morgan's Fermenter Heat Pad


This Heater Pad is designed for winter brewing or for brewing in colder climates. Located underneath your fermenter, this low profile Morgan's Heater Pad will prevent your brew from stalling due to temperature drop during fermentation.

Magnetic Drive Pump


This pump is constructed of food-grade materials and handles boiling wort with ease. The impeller housing is made from polysulfone as it is a tough, food-grade plastic rated up to 120C. The magnetic drive acts as a clutch allowing the user to put back pressure on the pump to slow down flow without any damage to the pump. Since it...

Hose 5mm - per meter


The 5mm hosing provides brewers with the ability easily seat the line on 6mm barbed disconnects or 8mm push fittings. We recommend 3.5m to 4.5m per tap on shorter direct draw systems like kegerators and keezer builds. 

Intertap - Stout Spout


Simply unscrew the normal spout on an Intertap or NUKATAP faucet and screw this stout spout in its place to pour your nitro brews. This spout has a creamer/aerator disc inside that forces beer out under high pressure giving the beer a frothy appearance and creamy texture. 

Hose 5mm - 12mtr roll


The 5mm hosing provides brewers with the ability easily seat the line on 6mm barbed disconnects or 8mm push fittings. We recommend 3.5m to 4.5m per tap on shorter direct draw systems like kegerators and keezer builds. 

Helix Coil and Tee


Can be used on multiple different three vessel, two vessel or single vessel brewery systems. Ideal for clean, simple and efficient lautering usable with any lautering vessel, bucket or container due to it's flexibility 1 meter in length so it's suitable for vessels 30-80Lin size placed in all different shapes and loops as long as the spiral is not kinked can...

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