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Accessories - Beer


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Crown Seals - 250pk


Crown Seals are used on 750ml Bottles. Can be great for reusing bottles like Coopers & VB long necks Using different coloured crown seals is a useful way of easily recognising each batch of bottles brewed. Green are great for screw top bottles.

Bottle Tree - Red


This red bottle tree will hold a total of 81 bottles. The design allows for simple and efficient rinsing, cleaning and  and drying of your brew bottles. This item is also compatible with the Bottle Rinser.

Airlock Grommet


Airlock Grommet

Blue Brew Bottler with Spring


Spring Bottle Filler Plastic 3/8 

Beer / Wine Hydrometer


Beer/ Wine Hydrometer

Dip Tube Brush - 80cm


80cm Flexible Wire Brush with a 90 degree bend in the brush making them ideal for carboys. These can be straightened if necessary

Bottle Rinser


This bottle rinser makes rinsing and sanitizing bottles much easier. Just fill the unit with rinse water or sanitizing solution. Then take a bottle and invert it over the white injector tube. Push the bottle up and down a couple times and the water or sanitizing solution will be injected into the bottle..The bottle rinser can sit on a work...

Hammer Capper


The Winequip Hammer Capper is a very handy tool allowing you to seal your brew tightly so as to preserve the taste and gases so that your brew can be enjoyed at a later stage. A simple hit from a mallet or hammer will allow for a full seal on your bottle

Door Mount Drip Trays


Stainless Steel Door Mount Drip Tray  40cm and 30cm sizes available

Crown Seals ~ assorted colours


Using Morgan's Crown Seals in a variety of colours is the best way to identify your different brew styles at home. Creates a great seal and easy to use.

Coopers PET replacement Caps


Replacement pack of 30 caps for PET bottles, 750ml

GF30 Self Sealing Coupler


A self sealing coupler with sealing plastic o-ring, for use with the GF30 Conical Fermenter.  *Note this is appropriate for replacement of connections for only one side.

Blue Cube Cap Spanner


Fresh wort kits are often very difficult to open as they are sealed when they are hot and the plastic is softer. These spanners make it easy and are essential if you often brew with FWK's. They also have an insert for removing plugs in the tap outlet of HDPE cubes and fermenters and a hole to help tighten and...

Carbon Filter 1 Micron


Ideal for water filtration.Suits our 10inch Filtering System 

Beer Filtering System


These 10inch filter systems can use both our 10 inch filter cartridges, either the Washable Reinforced Filter 1 Micron (suitable for filtering beer) and the 1 Micron Carbon Filter (suitable for filtering water) Features:- Clear high pressure housing- Purge valve to expel air pockets- ½” BSP inlet and outlet- Includes brass ball valve- Brass threaded ports for durability- Compatible with other 10”...

Capping Bell


The Winequip 29mm Capping Bell is a slightly larger Capping Bell used for Champagne Crown Seals on Champagne bottles. A great little tool to have handy.

Bottle Tree - Orange


Perfect for cleaning all your beer and wine bottles.Simply wash then hang them upside down on the tree to drain, then fill.The bottle tree has 7 layers, holds 9 bottles for each layer for a total of 63 bottles for the whole bottle tree.

Grain Mill 3 Roller


The Grain Mill (3 Roller) is constructed using materials that will last a lifetime. Cold rolled steel for the rollers, 6061 Aluminum body and hopper with long lasting hardened steel bearings.The 3 roller design has the main advantage that it draws in the grain better and gives improved milling throughout.

1 Micron Washable Filter


- 10inch for compatibility- PE reinforced plastic shell to protect your filter from rupturing, or physical damage.- Washable (recommended wash with Sodium Percarbonate)- 1 micron absolute rated for most efficient filter action.Suitable filter for our 10inch Beer Filtering System