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Vita Silica


VitaSilica is compromised of approximately 87-94% silicon dioxide, plus small amounts of various other oxides including iron, calcium, potassium, titanium, manganese and phosphorous. The slow, continuous release of silica ensures increased resistance to pests and disease, bigger root systems and ultimately a higher yield. VitaSilica is also a safe, organic treatment for eradicating crawling insects on the surface of your...

Vita Bulk


The profile of plant nutrients required for heavy flowering and biomassproduction changes remarkebly from the middle of the 12hr cycle. The additionof VitaBulk to VitaBase changes the NPK ratio and provides the extrapotassium and phosphate the plant needs for this critical phase. Increases cell division. Steers the plant towards heavy flowering. Higher density of buds and flowers. Maximise the biomass...

Vita Sweet


Vitaponix Sweet is a unique crop nutrition product with a specially designed formulation to provide efficient uptake of nutrients. The patented technology is incorporated to significantly increase Mg and Fe utilization enhancing photosynthetic rate resulting in increased sugar production turned into yield. The formulation is designed to provide a well-balanced supply of crop nutrients promoting an optimized crop physiological growth...

Vita Cal


Vitacal effectively increases Ca absorption resulting in strengthening plant cell walls and inducing tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses. Ca abundance by application of Vitacal ® improves cell functionality and optimizes plant physiological processes for growth and development resulting in increased marketable yield, quality, and shelf-life.

Vita Root


VitaRoot is the key to establishing a strong, healthy root system. The final size of your crop is dependant on how efficiently nutrients can be absorbed and processed by the plant. VitaRoot contains patented technology that triggers the plant into rapid growth below ground via the increased mobility of key mineral elements. The result is an explosive root system that...

Vita Base


VitaBase supplies all the essential minerals necessary to ensure maximumcrop productivity. As a pure nutrient mix, VitaBase utilises the highest qualitypharmaceutical grade components for fast assimilation.With the addition of VitaBulk and Shooting Power during flowering, VitaBaseprovides the perfect range of NPK ratios from start to finish. Highly soluble. Chelated for faster uptake. No bulking agents. Lay the foundations for superior...

GreenPlanet Dual Fuel Starter


The GreenPlanet Dual Fuel Starter Kit offers convenience in a box, at a price point everyone can afford. Making up to 1000 litres of solution, each box contains 2 x sets of Dual Fuel 1 L (one set free), 1 x Massive 1 L, 1 x Rezin 1 L and 1 x GreenPlanet Information & Interactive Guide. There is also...

Rootex Powder


Helps to develop roots on a wide range of plant cuttings: Native Ornamentals Economical Versatile Clean and safe Made in Australia NRA approved

Rootex Liquid


Rootex Liquid contains naturally occurring auxins and plant hormone IBA which encourages, strikes and accelerates roots on plant cuttings. Suitable for semi hardwood plant types. Soft wood (1g/kg) and hardwood (8g/kg) formulas are also available upon request.

GreenPlanet Rezin


Rezin was developed to greatly increase plant resin production. Rezin leverages the production of terpenes to amplify the essential oil and aroma profile of your plants. A byproduct of this exact process means that it also improves overall plant health. It will visually improve the “crystalline” appearance of the finished flowers and also improve the growth rate in the vegetative...

Pure Crop 1


Pure Crop 1 is a 100% natural, organic biostimulant which enhances plant health, reduces stress, and controls pests and mould with exceptional efficacy. Safe for use around children, pets, and beneficial insects, this versatile product is ideal for hydroponic and soil gardens, and is available in multiple sizes for your convenience. Features and Benefits: Effective Pest and Mould Control: Protects plants...

Mills Ultimate PK


Mills Ultimate PK is a unique Phosphite based bloom stimulant formulated for the last weeks of flower development. Phosphite is an extremely available form of Phosphate that promotes healthy root systems and helps insure proper nutrient intake and plant health late in the bloom cycle. Ultimate PK is specially designed to act as a hardener, bulker, and ripener to push your...

Mills Start-R


Mills Start-R is a predominantly organic, incredibly complex bio-stimulant for use with seedlings, vegetatively growing plants and plants in early bloom. It has 2 forms of nitrogen that, when used with our Basis A&B, change the NPK to a higher Nitrogen content. It also contains Humic and Fulvic acids, L-amino acids and a root enhancing Bio-Stimulant derived from auxin- and cytokinin-rich...

Mills C4


Mills C4 is a sophisticated bloom stimulator containing carbohydrates, macro and micronutrients and trace minerals guaranteed to give the grower heavier and higher quality yields. C4 also helps facilitate the triggering and maturation of complex essential oils appropriate for the early and mid-stages of flower development. When used with Basis A&B it alters the NPK to have higher phosphorus and...

Mills Basis A&B


Mills Basis A&B nutrient is a highly concentrated bio-mineral base nutrient delivering optimal nutrition to plants in both the vegetative and bloom stages. This two-part nutrient is suitable for all growing styles (soil, coco & hydro) and is incredibly easy to use. It is designed so plants can easily absorb everything needed within a wide pH range, and is compatible with all...

Mammoth P - Microbe Phosphorus Booster


MAMMOTH P is the first organically derived microbial inoculant that maximizes phosphorus and micronutrient cycling to maximize flower growth, increase yield, and enhance plant health. Our supplements contain some consortia of live microbes that function as self-replicating bioreactors that are 30x better at liberating nutrients than the average microbial community. Like micro bioreactors, our beneficial bacteria continually produce enzymes that...

Bud Juice


Bud Juice provides growers with the very best of old and new nutrient technology whilst remaining totally organic. This combination approach to producing the ultimate flowering enhancer gives growers a product that achieves results far beyond what nature intended. Achieve extraordinary yields from a 100% totally safe and natural flowering additive. Natural plant hormones, plant vitamins, fulvic extracts, kelp and...

GreenPlanet HORTI rawK


HORTI rawK is a one of a kind flowering additive with a specially formulated blend of potassium, which can be used separately from your regular feeding program. It is designed to maximize mass and bulk flowers during the bloom stage. Plants lacking in potassium during the later stages of bloom will produce airy and loose flowers. By introducing a 0-0-62...

Flairform GreenDream-1


GreenDream-1 is 1-part nutrient that produces vigorous growth from seed to harvest. formulated from high purity mineral salts and chelated trace elements completely soluble, runs extremely clean and has exceptional long-term stability capable of handling very hard and salty waters without unwanted issues such as blocked filters and drippers great pH stability does not require shaking and is compatible with...

Professor's Nutrients Go Roots


Go Roots is the most concentrated root accelerator and defender on the market. Go Roots is a unique formulation which incorporates a systemic Fungicide which not only promotes new root growth, but gives roots protection during the entire crop cycle. Plants generally stop producing new root growth early in flowering, which means that roots are more open to disease attacks....

Clonex Purple 50ml


Clonex aids in the striking of plant cuttings (Softwood and general purpose). It and has been a reliable and trusted product for many growers over many years.

Professor's Nutrients Extreme Boost 500g


Extreme Boost - Bulking / Ripening Heavy fruiting and flowering plants require higher levels of Phosphorus and Potassium (PK) for larger blooms. Flower stimulants, like Professor’s Flower Boost, are ideal to use in the early bloom stage to encourage flower growth and bud onset. As plants approach the final phase, a more concentrated and balanced PK is needed to achieve...

BioGuano 1 litre


Deposited on rocks and baked in the sun, the excrement along with remains of eggshells, feathers, insects and microbes, matures over thousands of years into Mother Nature’s Best Fertiliser. BioGuano products are proudly made in Australia to supply the highest quality certified organic inputs for home gardeners & commercial producers.

Go Green


Go Green is designed to prevent and restore common deficiencies in plants. It is a scientifically formulated liquid fertiliser, with added calcium, magnesium, nitrogen and iron, which helps to reduce discolouring, rust spots and tip burn. Features: 4 in 1 deficiency correction Contains fulvic acid and chelated minerals for enhanced nutrient mobility Can be used as a foliar spray Fast...

Professor's Nutrients Grow Fast


A dynamic growth enhancer designed to shorten the vegetative cycle by accelerating plant growth. It gives the extra boost required to produce a bulkier plant mass while preparing the plant for the flowering stage. Grow Fast has been carefully formulated using different variations of nitrogen which are easily absorbed by plant roots for a faster response. It gives the extra boost...

Professor's Nutrients Flower Boost 1 litre


Flower Boost is a high grade concentrated PK - (Phosphorus / Potassium) liquid flower enhancer - scientifically formulated to initiate early flowering and node development. Features: Activates flowering enzyme production Provides perfect ratios of P and K to boost flower development Faster flower growth and bud onset Larger and heavier blooms of higher quality Aids in energy transfer and storage...

Professor's Nutrients A & B


The Professor's Original Nutrient offers a complete solution for both the Grow and Bloom cycles without the need to buy separate Grow and Bloom formulations. The unique formula is made with quality chelated elements, enabling plants to process them efficiently and ensuring great results in all stages of plant growth. Made under strict quality controls using only the highest grade...

House & Garden Coco's A & B


Coconut fibre has a high capillary action and is able to retain water and nutrients for a longer period of time than other growing mediums. For this reason a specialised nutrient is required. House and Garden's Cocos Nutrient uses high grade ingredients, to form a well balanced coco fibre nutrient that plants can absorb quickly and effectively.

Bitch'n 1 litre


Say no to seeds. Bitch’n allows the plant to rebalance its flowering hormone levels by increasing auxin production and decreasing gibberellin production within the plant. This formula allows the plant to reduce the hormonal effects of plant stress including heat stress, rapid barometric change or poor/disadvantaged genetic quality. These factors can all lead to the plant trying to reproduce, resulting...



NutriBoost is a plant vigour tonic that utilises Vitamin B, NAA and kelp extracts. It has been developed to increase vigour in all stages of plant growth and can be used to increase the speed and vigour of plant propagation, reduce the stress from transplant shock and heat related stress. NutriBoost also Improves lateral branching development. NutriBoost is the great...

Dual Fuel Parts 1 & 2


Dual Fuel is the newest and most advanced 2 part Professional Feeding Program on the market. It contains no carbonates or synthetic dyes and has the cleanest salt and residue index available. This complex commercial grade formulation has been concentrated in order to reduce volume of nutrients in the grow room. A true ‘sludge free’ two part nutrient solution. When...



HYSHIELD’s™ unique formula is derived from exoskeletons of crustaceans. Chitosan is extracted from crab shells which are a by-product of crab fisheries. Essentially non-toxic, biocompatible, and biodegradable waste from the seafood industry, chitosan offers broad-spectrum disease and pathogen control by tricking plants into thinking they are being attacked by pests. As a result of this perceived infestation, the plant’s immune...

Nulife - AU60 1 litre


The technological breakthrough came when we were able to isolate the very substance that the plants use to fight disease. To put quite simply, AU 60 Root Repair fights disease for the plant. This allows the plant to flourish uninhibited by disease and grow more roots to facilitate a greater food production, thus growing bigger, stronger and healthier. AU 60...

Back Country Blend Boost 100g


Green Planet Backcountry Blend is a granular, controlled release, complete spectrum fertilizer, designed for either top dressing or incorporated into the potting soil. Backcountry Blend features True-Cote Technology. This allows the unique micronutrients to disperse evenly over the entire fertilized area,resulting in a more even absorption of micronutrients to the plant. Our custom blended formula is designed to neutralize acidic...

Back Country Blend Grow 100g


Green Planet Backcountry Blend is a granular, controlled release, complete spectrum fertilizer, designed for either top dressing or incorporated into the potting soil. Backcountry Blend features True-Cote Technology. This allows the unique micronutrients to disperse evenly over the entire fertilized area, resulting in a more even absorption of micronutrients to the plant. Our custom blended formula is designed to neutralize...

Back Country Blend Bloom 100g


Green Planet Backcountry Blend is a granular, controlled release, complete spectrum fertilizer, designed for either top dressing or incorporated into the potting soil. Backcountry Blend features True-Cote Technology. This allows the unique micronutrients to disperse evenly over the entire fertilized area,resulting in a more even absorption of micronutrients to the plant. Our custom blended formula is designed to neutralize acidic...

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