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Chips and Staves


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Spirits Unlimited Southerner Malt Whisky Oak Chips


Spirits Unlimited Southern Malt Whisky Oak chips can flavour up to 10 litres of spirit to taste like scotch whisky. These chips come from used scotch barrels and can be used in combination with whisky essences.

Spirits Unlimited - Tennessee Whisky Oak Chips


Freshly chipped from wet Jack Daniels barrels imparts obvious Jack Daniels flavour within two week,

Spirits Unlimited Kentucky Sour Mash Chips


Direct from Kentucky. The freshest bourbon chips ever available. Freshly chipped from wet barrels. Use 10 - 15gm per litre of spirit, leave for at least 10 days 

Samuel Willard's Barrel Soakers


Samuel Willard’s Oak Chips are made using REAL used oak barrels and have been designed to impart true oak characteristics into your alcohol. Now you can customise your drinks to suit simply by soaking the related barrel chips in your alcohol. Bourbon, Rum & Whisky Chips available

Plantation Rum Chips


Made from Jamaican Rum barrels giving colour and flavour to your own home brew. Use Calypso Rum flavour for a superb finish