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Accessories - Distilling


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Turbo Air Still Carbon Cartridges (pack of 10)


Each carbon cartridge is suitable to filter up to 1125mls (40oz) of distilled spirit or grain alcohol. Discard old cartridge after each use.

Brass Taps for Barrels


Quality brass replacement taps to suit any oak, whisky/port barrel, with a tapered thread. Specific sizes available to suit your needs including 8mm & 10mm.  

Alcometers ~ Long & Short


Used to measure alcohol in distilled spirits, comes with plastic storage case. Available in long & short sizes for your convenience.

Cornelius Type Ball Lock Gas Post


1/2″ male gas keg post complete, used on Mytton Rodd kegs.

Cornelius Type Ball Lock Liquid Post


1/2″ male liquid keg post complete, used on Mytton Rodd kegs.

Cornelius Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)


Pressure Relief Valve with ring pull suitable for Cornelius keg lids

Copper Packing Catalitic Converter Mesh Scourer


Ideal packing for reflux stills to enable the release of sulphides.

Condenser Mesh Replacement Kit


The mesh pieces supplied in this pack have the specifications of all being 30g +/- 1g, to ensure that the correct packing density is achieved in the column. They have been stretched and manipulated to break short strands to ensure even distribution and compaction in the condenser.

Condenser Product Arm Complete


Great for use with your home brew

Stainless Steel Scrubber


Can be used for cleaning and also as packing for the Reflux Still, the Spirit Master Filter.  

Air Still Nozzle


Replacement nozzle for your air still

Still Spirits Air Still Infusion Basket


This stainless steel basket is suitable to infuse vodka with botanicals, lemon or orange peel, cinnamon sticks, chilli or other flavouring ingredients. The item is easy to attach by simply clipping it into the inside of the Air Still lid. Time for your customers to get creative with their distilling!

Still Spirits Air Still Washers (10)


Food grade Polyethylene Washers designed for the Air Still Filter and the Air Still Fermenter Lid. Ideal for use with alcohol as Polyethylene will not taint alcohol.

AlcoEngine Pot Still Distilling Aparatus


The whole system is designed to save time, money and parts and fit in one box for easier storage and cheaper shipping. A pure pot still is used when you want the flavour of the wash to come through. For instance, if you ferment fruit or grains, it will allow some of that flavour to enter your distillate. If you...

Oak Barrels


American wooden oak barrel, made of North American Oak is suitable for aging and flavouring of Wine, Port and Whisky. It has been medium toasted, no glue or wax inside but polished and coated with natural painting outside not only to make it look better but also to prevent the wood from absorbing moisture. Great for storing your Wine, Cinder...

65L AlcoEngine Distillation Lid with 47mm hole


Made from 304 grade stainless steel this large size lid will take your distillation runs to the next level. If you want to do double batches of spirit wash this is the most efficient way to do it Also fits Digiboil or BrewZilla boilers and comes with silicone seal attached to ensure a complete seal when distilling.