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Lighting & Fans


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HarveMax - 6" Oscillating Clip Fan


HarveMax 150 mm (6") clip fans feature a strong rubber lined clamping mechanism allowing them to clip onto poles, desks or shelves. HarveMax 150 mm clip fans are tilt adjustable both up or down and oscillate 90 degrees. HarveMax clip fans have a reliable 20 W motor, are Global Safety Organization Certified and comes with a 1 year warranty. Product...

Hydroponic LED 500 W UFO Light


The new Pro Grow UFO LED’s blend top bin SMD diodes from both Samsung and Osram for an outstanding efficacy of over 2.1 µmol/J. Pro Grow UFO LED’s emit 4,000 K full spectrum light with an industry leading CRI of 91.8. Coupled with ultra-reliable Optimum drivers, the light weight and durable die-cast aluminium housings offer cool, fanless & totally silent...

Cultiv8 Inline Fan


Inline fans are designed to work under smaller loads than centrifugal fans, but are great to provide a supply of fresh air into your environmental system allowing your plants to reach their full potential. The attached spigots are designed to make it easy to place and fix ducting to the fans. When reliability matters for small systems, the Cultiv8 Inline...

PS-1 Light System - with White lamps


Each PS-1 Light System kit contains 2 x 24 watt high output fluoro lamps with their own highly efficient reflector. By adding 'Expander Modules' onto the specially designed frames, you can run more (or less) lamps as required. The first lamp connects directly into a 240 volt power source. Then, for additional lamps, it's just a matter of plugging the next lamp into the back...