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Bavarian Dark Rye Mix


We provide all types of flour from general purpose to flours with various protein levels, specialty grains and tolerance level flours. You can choose the best flour to create the perfect baked goods for you and your family.

SHHB Bavarian Light Rye Mix


  Cream colour rye flour with fine bran specks from selected rye grains for best bread making properties.

Soy Linseed flour


Our Soy Linseed flour will help you make sensational bread. Soy Linseed bread is extremely popular, delicious and a light healthy alternative and is a great for entertaining.

SHHB Woodfire Pizza mix


A classic mix for an authentic Pizza base. Use in either a traditional pizza wood fire or oven bake. Delicious for entertaining, an easy family dinner or have the kids prepare dinner for you!

SHHB Wholemeal Flour


100% wholemeal flour specially milled to contain all the constituents of the wheat grain and have best bread making properties.

SHHB Bakers Flour


Versatile and superior protein strength flour milled from a carefully selected blend of Australian hard wheats