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Adjuncts - Grain


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Mangrove Jack Whirlfloc Tablets


Whirlflock (formally known as Deltafloc) is an extract of red seaweed specifically formulated as a fining agent which clarifies wort and improves wort sedimentation. This leads to a cleaner and more efficient fermentation. This comes in quick dissolving, highly soluble tablet form, with 10 tablets in a pack.   #45172

SHHB Calcium Sulphate


Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum) is an important mineral for its effect on mash and wort pH. Used to harden water when brewing ales and bitters. Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) adds permanent hardness (calcium ions) to brewing water; 1 gram per US gallon adds 62 ppm calcium, 147 ppm sulfate.

Calcium Chloride (Pickle Crisp) 50g


Lowers Mash pHCalcium Chloride (CaCl2·2H2O) - Adjusts brewing water, accentuates maltness and lowers mash pH. Calcium adds to water hardness and chloride accentuates maltness, sweetness and fullness. Typical concentratons for brewing water are 50 – 150 ppm Ca2+ and 50 – 150 ppm Cl- . It is also used to lower the mash pH. Additons can be put in the brewing water or...

Mangrove Jack's Calcium Sulphate


Calcium Sulphate is an important mineral for it's effect on mash and wort pH. Used to harden water when brewing ales and bitters.

Mangrove Jack's Irish Moss


Mangrove Jack's Irish Moss is a clarifier and is used to clear protein during the boil when mash brewing. Directions for Use: Add one teaspoon per 20L of wort, 10 minutes from end of the end of the boil

Propelene Glycol


This particular chemical removes the excess heat produced from the process of brewing beer, then breaks off this heat to the refrigeration system. As a result, specific temperatures are maintained, providing the highest quality final product.

Mangrove Jack's Liquid Beer Finings Sachet


Use these to add clarity to your brew. Simply pour into your wort right before bottling or kegging and you're good to go. GMO free and derived naturally from non animal product, and is therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Mangrove Jack's Calcium Carbonate


Mangrove Jack's Calcium Carbonate is used to raise pH levels. Generally used for making dark beers.   #45154

Mangrove Jack's Big Head Powder


Mangrove Jacks Big Head Powder is an adjunct designed to improve the head retention of your beers. Usage: Add 1 (one) teaspoon per 19L of beer. Instructions: First, add 1 teaspoon Big Head Powder to 1/4 cup of cold water and beat thoroughly. Next, allow to stand for 24 hours. Finally, beat mixture once more before adding to your brew.

Lactic Acid


Lactic Acid Heatstable 300ml  FCC 88% Directions for use: To pre-acidify wort, add lactic acid directly to boiled wort at 1.5 - 2ml/L. Use a pH meter to verify that the pH is between 4.5 - 4.8. Cool the wort down to 30 - 40°C before pitching in Lactobacillus bacteria. To reduce alkalinity, prepare a normal solution (1ml = 1mEq)...

Clarity Ferm


Chill haze in beer results from the precipitation of complexed polyphenols and proteins during cold storage. This haze develops over time and initially is reversible (haze disappears when the temperature of the beer increases). Eventually this chill haze can become permanent. Clarity Ferm will prevent the precipitation of complexed polyphenols and proteins by hydrolysing the sensitive (haze-active) polypeptides in the...