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Bottles and Glassware


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Amber Flip Top Glass Beer Bottles


These bottles are a great way to present your craft beer to friends and family. These bottles can be used for Beer, F2 Kombucha & any other type of drinks that need bottling.

750ml Flint Claret Bottles


These lovely bottles are very popular with our wine makers, they are lightweight and durable and very easy to use. They can be purchased either as a 10 pack or as a single item. Product Description: 750ml Antique Green Glass Punted Claret Bottle BVS Finish Capacity: 750ml Material: Glass Colour: Antique Green Neck Finish: 30 x 60 CETIE BVS GRP-29394 Height: 297mm Diameter: 76.6mm Weight: 500gr Other Information...

Borosilicate Beaker - 400ml


They are perfect for mixing and heating liquids or for general sample containment. All beakers are made from borosilicate high temperature glass which makes them ideal for use on top of a hot plate or over an open flame.

Vintner's Harvest Wine Bottles


Vintner's Harvest Wine Bottles, 12 x 750ml Bordeaux bottles