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Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Butterscotch Schnapps


Brown sugar, butter, cream and hints of vanilla bean. This Butterscotch Schnapps Premix liqueur version is really nice over ice or as a cocktail, you could try mixing a “Dirty Butt”, use equal parts of Irish cream , Butterscotch Schnapps & Southern Comfort. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Turkish Delight


Shake well and enjoy the authentic flavour and texture of a Choc-Rose Liqueur. Best enjoyed neat over ice, or as mixer with Lemonade, Milk or in Cocktails. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Kafe


Dense and sweet, with a distinct taste of coffee in the style of Kahlua, our Kafe premix flavour is used in many notable liqueur cocktails, including The B-52, Mudslide and Black Russian. It’s also enjoyed in cold cream, milk or mixed with hot coffee.

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Irish Cream


Rich and creamy in the style of the famous Bailey’s Irish Cream. Great by itself, over ice or as an addition to coffee. Ideal in the layered shooter “Cowboy”, add 1 part cold Butterscotch Schnapps, one part Irish Cream. Samuel Willard’s Irish Cream premix flavour makes 1125mL of finished product when mixed as per directions on the bottle.

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Limoncello


Limoncello liqueur premix is the second most popular liqueur in Italy. Traditionally, limoncello is made from the zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons. The fresh aroma and taste of lemon makes an ideal refreshing summer drink. This fine liqueur is ideally served poured over a few ice cubes or used as a mixer. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Triple-Sec


French for “Triple Dry” and dating back as far as the 1830’s, dominated by the zesty tang of roasted and sun dried orange peel. A key ingredient in the now famous cocktail, Cosmopolitan, Mixed with 2 parts lemon Vodka to one part Triple Sec combined with one part Cranberry Juice and the juice of half a lime. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Barrel Soakers


Samuel Willard’s Oak Chips are made using REAL used oak barrels and have been designed to impart true oak characteristics into your alcohol. Now you can customise your drinks to suit simply by soaking the related barrel chips in your alcohol. Bourbon, Rum & Whisky Chips available

Samuel Willard's Yeast 48


Our 48 hour Turbo Yeast is designed for use when regional temperature conditions have to be considered for both heat and cold and can produce 14% ABV in 48 hours from 6KG of sugar, or 20% ABV in 4~5 days from 8KG of Sugar.

Samuel Willard's Premix Sambuca Nero


Star Anise dominates this sweet and spicy Sambucca dating back to the 1800’s in Italy. There it’s tradition to be served neat with a few floating coffee beans. It’s also popular as a shot, flaming or not! You can also try Sambucca chilled over ice. Samuel Willard’s Sambuca premix flavour makes 1125mL of finished product  when mixed as per directions...

Samuel Willard's 24 High Speed Yeast


This 24 hour variant of our Turbo Yeast can produce 14% ABV in 24 hours from 6KG of sugar and is suitable for general use where extremes in temperature are NOT an issue.

Samuel Willard's Gold Star Wild Duck Bourbon


Here’s one for the Bourbon drinkers in the style of the famous “Wild Turkey”. Typically drunk over ice with cola, this Wild Duck Bourbon essence is a must for any home bar.

Samuel Willard's Premium Bourbon


Our Premium Bourbon essence is infused with sweet and sooty characteristics typical to a good Tennessee Bourbon, all combined into a pleasant smooth finish.

Samuel Willard's Premium Kentucky Style Bourbon


In the style of Jim Beam, our premium Kentucky Bourbon has the smokiness and grainy attributes for a tasty mixed drink, nicely rounded off with hints of burnt oak.

Samuel Willard's Original Southern Spirit


Flavors of peach, honey, vanilla and cinnamon, and a few secret spices make our Samuel Willard's Southern Spirit Liqueur a very popular drink, in particular over ice with a dash of Cola or Dry Ginger ale. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on a great refreshing experience.

Samuel Willard's Smooth Bourbon


Our Smooth Bourbon has a slight hint of vanilla with floral notes. Initially sweet, then developing into drier oak. The finish offers an initial fudge flavour that dries slowly and elegantly to subtle oak.

Samuel Willard's Smooth Rum


In the Style of Bundaberg Red, this true Queensland Rum features attractive aromas of spices with nice depth and balance. Finishes with a long, gentle wood and nut fade. A delightfully smooth rum.

Samuel Willard's Smooth Whisky


This essence rivals the best of whiskys, rich and concentrated, the first impression is of the subtleness. Deep yellow gold in colour, with a delicate and slightly smokey aroma and pronounced peat flavour. The finish is smooth and pleasant.

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Melon


Melon Liqueur drink originated in Japan, where the word Midori means green. It’s great in drinks mixed with lemonade, fresh lemon, lime, pineapple or orange juice. Sour flavours balance its sweetness perfectly, especially over ice. Samuel Willard’s Melon premix Liqueur flavour makes 1125mL of finished product when mixed as per directions on the bottle.

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Chocolate Cream


Samuel Willard’s Chocolate Cream Liqueur premix blends the highest quality chocolate, fresh cream flavours to make a luxurious liqueur with a restrained sweetness and the smoothest, purest chocolate flavour of any liqueur available. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Herbal Liqueur


Our Essential Herbal Liqueur premix is a dry half-bitter herb liqueur. Drink as spirit chased by beer or mixed with tonic, orange juice, lemonade or cola. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Coconut Rum


Coconut Rum flavoured premix, is great in a cocktail known as a “Cruiser”. It’s beach-side relaxing served over ice and a dose of authentic Queensland pineapple juice. Make 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Whisky


Blended with specially selected herbs and spices this whisky liqueur is in the style of Drambuie and is a classic after dinner drink. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Chocolate Rum


A delicious mixture, chocolate and genuine Queensland style Rum. Often enjoyed after dinner, or even added to coffee. Try this Chocolate Rum Premix over ice with a drop of fresh cream. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Pina Colada Crush


Samuel Willard’s Pina Colada Crush is a tasty tropical drink made up of white rum, coconut cream and pineapple. It can be blended, frozen or simply mixed with ice. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Mango Crush


Samuel Willard’s Mango Crush made using the freshest Australian Mango and Cream Flavours to create a sunset coloured Summer Delight. Makes 1125ml

Samuel Willard's Gold Star Waterloo Brandy


This essence is mellow on the palate, with the expected additional aromas and flavour of a traditional french style Brandy. Enjoy this one as an after dinner drink or as a mixer.

Samuel Willard's Gold Star Scotch Whisky


This Essence should put some “tilt in yer kilt”, a nice balance of peat, with notes of nut, toffee and spice. Great with your favourite mixer and enough fire to keep you warm on a cold night.  

Samuel Willard's Gold Star Trinidad Rum


Samuel Willard’s Trinidad Rum has that special Caribbean style rum spirit and taste. The definitive flavour comes with a natural sugarcane sweetness and makes this a great base for Rum cocktails.  

Samuel Willard's Gold Star Rye Whisky


In the Style of a true Canadian Rye Whisky, this essence is right on the money with the clean clear flavour of rye grains and subtle oak. Great over ice with Canada Dry ginger ale.