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Vintner's Harvest Plastic Top Colmate Corks 29x20mm, Bag 30


The Colmated (Bellcork) is one of the most popular corks. The Colmated wine cork is made of natural cork and then treated with a colmated process to fill the outer imperfections of the cork. This process combined with the surface treatment gives the Colmated cork improved sealing ability. 

Expansion Bottle Sealer


It's not always the case that when you open a bottle that you will finish all the drink inside, therefore having expansion bottle sealers on hand to 'save for later' is a great idea. Expansion Bottle Sealers are a handy tool to have to seal in the freshness and goodness of an unfinished drink.

Champagne Wire Applicator


The Champagne Wire Applicator tool helps you easily secure wire to the top of your own brew, those being sparkling wines, champagne bottles etc

Champagne Cork Wire


Using wire to secure your cork will ensure that pressure from the carbonated drink does not force the cork out of the bottle.

Oak Barrels


American wooden oak barrel, made of North American Oak is suitable for aging and flavouring of Wine, Port and Whisky. It has been medium toasted, no glue or wax inside but polished and coated with natural painting outside not only to make it look better but also to prevent the wood from absorbing moisture. Great for storing your Wine, Cinder...

Wine / Fruit Presses ~ Wooden & Stainless Steel


For Wine, Cider or Mead making 12lt Wooden Press  14lt Stainless Steel  Micro Press Stainless Steel

Vintner's Harvest Corks


An economical good quality composite cork - new technology has made these corks better than ever.

Champagne Plastic Corks


With 5 deep side grooves which prevent the corks from escaping. Open at the bottom. Suitable for wine bottles and cider/ champagne bottles. Plastic champagne corks are very useful for short storage. The corks are reusable, which makes them profitable.

Tirage Crown Seals


Premium quality light weight silver top aluminium and plastic lined crown seals for bottling your beer in champagne\sparkling wine type reusable glass bottles

Vintner's Harvest Wine Bottles


750ml Green Claret bottles ready to store your mixes in. Comes in cases of twelve bottles or purchase them individually. You can use straight corks or our mushroom corks to seal them. 

SHHB - Bentonite


Bentonite is a natural clay product used for clearing all wines and for protein stabilizing white wines.