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Equipment - Meat


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Hi Mountain Jerky Poly Cutting Board & Knife


This product is the perfect addition to your jerky making collection. The Best Jerky Cutting Board there is! Dishwasher safe Components nest into board for easy storage Convenient carrying handle Non-slip rubber feet Two cutting depths, ¼” and 3/8” Textured surface grips meat, tenderises and helps seasoning penetrate meat Ridges keep liquid away from meat Flip board over and use the flat surface...

Hi Mountain Big Shot Jerky & Sausage Gun


This is a very handy piece of jerky making equipment to have in the kitchen. Hi Mountain’s high quality, large capacity jerky and sausage gun, with 3 different stainless steel nozzle shapes, will make your jerky and sausage making experience so much simpler and easier. It’s basically a sealant-looking gun for serious jerky makers that want their equipment to last for years to come. 

Firebrand Fire IT Up Charcoal Starters


Get cooking sooner with our heavy duty Fire ‘IT’ Up Charcoal Starters. The unique design assists to light charcoal in quick time, every time. Large capacity to take up to 3kg of briquettes or lump at a time. A good charcoal starter is essential in every BBQ’rs tool kit and is usually one of the first items you look for...

Cleaver Salumi Cabinets - Orders Taken


CLEAVER Artisan Appliances was launched in Australia in 2016 with one simple idea…to create a collection of quality curing cabinets for the home salumi maker. The original range (pre-June 2022) of CLEAVER Salumi Cabinets allow you to set the temperature {5 ̊C to 25 ̊C} and the humidity {60% to 90% relative humidity}.  The inbuilt control regulates your temperature and...