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SHHB Coopers Pale Ale

SHHB Coopers Pale  Ale

3.5kg Coopers Premium Pale Malt
0.50kg Voyager Craft Malt – Winter Wheat Janz
0.20kg Joe White – Light Crystal Malt

Hops Steeped:
25g Amarillo Pellets @ 30min

Hops – Dry Hopped Day 4:                                                           
25g Galaxy Pellets                                                                                                                                           

Lallemand - LALBREW® Voss Kveik Ale Yeast

ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 32.1
SG: 1.049
FG: 1.009

Mash & Sparge:
Strike Water 24l @ 62°C

Sparge 6l @ 76°C

Start Boil with lid on – remove lid once a good boil – start the hop additions
After Boil – chill accordingly – once chilled – add to fermenter
Pitch Yeast and ferment at 25-40°C