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Cures or Curing Salts ... Which one do I use?

Cures or Curing Salts ... Which one do I use?

Fresh Sausages: Raw or Smoked – keep frozen – no Cure necessary

Jerky, Kransky, Kabana: Use Cure #1-2%
As it contains 2% sodium nitrite and 98% salt.

This is used if you want to cure our own Jerky or semi-dried sausages, like Kransky or Kabana etc. Anything that is cured for 48 hours or less can use this product effectively.

Ham or Bacon: Use Cure #1-6.25%

It contains 6.25% sodium nitrite and 93.75% salt. This is the industry standard curing salt, used for curing ham, bacon and just about anything. It’s the salt referred to in most recipe books, as pink salt, curing salt, instacure or prague powder. We recommend this curing salt to be used for all brine and dry cure recipes.

Salami or Fermented Meats: Use Cure #2 (Pink Salt #2)

Cure #2: contains 6.25% sodium nitrite and 4% sodium nitrate and 89.75% regular salt. It is used for salami making when the drying time is greater than 4 weeks. Sodium nitrate becomes nitrite over time during the dry curing process and essentially keeps the curing process going for longer. It is often referred to as pink salt #2, instacure #2, prague powder #2.

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