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Accessories - Grain


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BrewZilla 3.1 / DigiBoil Neoprene Jacket 35L


This Jacket is compatible with all Robobrew 35L Units.  Will Suit Generation 1, Generation 2 and Generation 3 models.

Chemical Resistant Gloves


Heavy duty brewing gloves, ideal for cleaning around the brewery. Tough, chemical resistant material provides good protection to your hands during clean-up

Grainfather Electric Grain Mill, Mounting Board


The ultimate bundle for crushing fresh grain at home. This product package includes the Grainfather Electric Grain Mill and the Grain Mill Bamboo Mounting Board. Simply mount the mill onto the board and place it over a bucket to catch your freshly crushed grain.   #10169K

Roboratchet Pulley


This handy pulley is made from strong polypropylene rope and heavy duty carabiner clips for a secure hold. Ideal for BIAB or to suspend the RoboBrew malt pipe. Excellent for hanging all sorts of devices.  The ratchet mechanism is easy to use and only requires single hand operation. Newer RoboBrews will have a notch for the carabiner to centre on...

Malt Muncher Mill Board (Grain Mill)


This is a Premium Polypropylene Base Board for the Malt Muncher 2 Roller or 3 Roller Grain Mill. Perfect for slotting over a food grade bucket, or building your own little shelf on wheels.

Grainfather Perforated Plate Seal


If you have misplaced your top or bottom perforated plate seal or this has become worn, you can purchase a replacement here.NOTE: If you have one of the earlier Grainfathers which doesn't have a silicone seal on the bottom perforated plate, this will not fit your plate.

Grainfather Pump Housing


Pump housing for the Grainfather G30

Grainfather GF30 Fermenter Pressure Transfer


Easily attach to the Grainfather Conical Fermenter, for a clean and simple way to transfer your beer without the need to lift the fermenter to perform a gravity fed transfer.   #10149

Grainfather G30 Top/Bottom Pump Silicone Tubes


Replacement Pump Silicone Tubes x 2 for The Grainfather     #10278

Grainfather Conical Fermenter Jacket


This heat insulation jacket is designed to be used with the Grainfather G30 to keep heat contained in the boiler and maintain a constant temperature during your brew during cooler times of the year. Features Material - SBR Foam (7 mm thickness) Designed for the Grainfather G30 for heat insulation, especially in colder temperature areas. Easy to wipe clean, polyurethane...

Grain Mill Bamboo Base Board


This is a Bamboo Base Board for the Malt Muncher 2 Roller or 3 Roller Grain Mill. Perfect for slotting over a food grade bucket, or building your own little shelf on wheels.

Brew Bags ~ BIAB


These custom made grain bags have a strong construction and prevent mash clumping maximising the your brew day efficiency. Using these Grain Bags makes clean up simple. To use simply put your grain in and suspend in the kettle. At the end of the mash simply lift the bag and drain the sweet wort into your kettle.