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Accessories - Grain


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BrewZilla 3.1 / DigiBoil Neoprene Jacket 35L


This Jacket is compatible with all Robobrew 35L Units.  Will Suit Generation 1, Generation 2 and Generation 3 models.

BrewZilla Whirlpool Arm


BrewZilla Whirlpool Arm - Suits 35L & 65L The BrewZilla Whirlpool Arm is a new accessory brought to you by KegLand that suits both the 35L model and 65L. This accessory fits onto the existing recirculation pipe with a Stainless Steel Male Camlock fitting. The 6w internal magnetic pump will aid in circulating your wort for better hop extraction in...

Brew Bags ~ BIAB


These custom made grain bags have a strong construction and prevent mash clumping maximising the your brew day efficiency. Using these Grain Bags makes clean up simple. To use simply put your grain in and suspend in the kettle. At the end of the mash simply lift the bag and drain the sweet wort into your kettle.

Chemical Resistant Gloves


Heavy duty brewing gloves, ideal for cleaning around the brewery. Tough, chemical resistant material provides good protection to your hands during clean-up