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Accessories - Wine


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Novatwist Wine Bottle Closures


The Novatwist wine bottle closure is a smart, trendy and easy way to seal your wine bottles by hand. Fits the majority of standard screw top wine bottles.  Home wine makers are taking advantage of the screw top wine bottles now abundant in the wine industry and these closures are an ideal hand applied option, eliminating the need for purchasing...

Vintner's Harvest Plastic Top Colmate Corks 29x20mm, Bag 30


The Colmated (Bellcork) is one of the most popular corks. The Colmated wine cork is made of natural cork and then treated with a colmated process to fill the outer imperfections of the cork. This process combined with the surface treatment gives the Colmated cork improved sealing ability. 

Vintner's Harvest Heat Shrink Capsules


Used to dress the wine bottle after corking. Place capsule over bottle & hold in position while dipping in boiling water. Alternatively use a hairdryer or hold above element to shrink the plastic tightly to the bottle.  Each pack contains 30 capsules.

Vintner's Harvest Citric Acid


Citric Acid, is a versatile product & can be used in the followings areas: Cooking Cleaning Cosmetics Making Mead Cleaning of Condensers  Citric Acid is also used as a final rinse after sterilizing equipment to adjust the pH of the water used. Citric Acid cannot be used to adjust the acidity / pH in wines.

Champagne Wire Applicator


The Champagne Wire Applicator tool helps you easily secure wire to the top of your own brew, those being sparkling wines, champagne bottles etc

Champagne Cork Wire


Using wire to secure your cork will ensure that pressure from the carbonated drink does not force the cork out of the bottle.

Champagne Plastic Corks


With 5 deep side grooves which prevent the corks from escaping. Open at the bottom. Suitable for wine bottles and cider/ champagne bottles. Plastic champagne corks are very useful for short storage. The corks are reusable, which makes them profitable.

Alla Ph Meter


Waterproof Thermo/Ph Meter (IP 57) with interchangeable electrodes  Resolution : 0.01 pH / 0.1°C, Accuracy : ± 0.02 pH / ±1°CSelf calibration : pH 4.00-pH 7.00-pH 10.01ATC (Automatic temperature compensation)