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Cinnamon Sticks


Cinnamon Sticks have a huge range of uses such as a stirring stick for your coffee, tea, cider, and cocktails. Hot drinks are an easy way to include whole cinnamon sticks in your daily routine, whether you use them to flavor coffee, tea, chai lattes, cocoa, mulled cider or mulled wine. Try some today! We have a bag of 5 for only $3.95



SHHB Honey - we have a variety (3) of Honey in stock at all times. You can call to asked what flavours are in.

Honey Tap


 These easy pour honey taps / gates can be used as a spare part for your honey extractor or to make your own honey buckets. Specifications:40mm diametermade from food grade plastic and stainless steel bolts

Hops - Warrior


Warrior® is fast becoming a favorite, especially with US craft breweries. Among its desirable traits are its clean, smooth bittering and a somewhat inconspicuous citrusy and spicy aroma. Its pedigree is a unknown to the public. Dogfish Head Brewery employs Warrior in many of its brews, most notably in its 60 Minute IPA.



1kg SHHB Molasses - includes a bucket

SHHB Spray Bottle


Spray Bottle, a useful tool when needing to find that pesky gas leak.  Add a small amount of dish washing liquid and water to the spray bottle, shake and spray all lines to try and find the leak. Stock on hand may vary to picture below due to supply

SHHB Dried Elderflower 30g


Dried Elderflower is such a versatile herb for flavouring Wine, Champagne, Cordial, Cider, Mead & Beer, etc

SHHB Kombucha - Scoby in a Jar


Live Kombucha Scoby - Due to Scoby's being a living organism, we don't always have them available, please call the store to confirm if we have some in stock before ordering. This is a live kombucha culture for making batches of kombucha. Culture includes a Scoby (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast) and starter liquid. Instructions to successfully start your...