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SHHB Campden Tablets ~ 10pk

  • Wine

Campden tablets are an easy way for a new winemaker to add a measured dose of Metabisulphite to sterilise their must or protect the finished wine. They are traditionally Potassium Metabisulphite but may also be Sodium Metabisulphite

Crush up 1-2 tablet for use per 5 Litres of wine. It is an advantage to dissolve the crushed tablet in a small amount of cooled boiled jug water to add its dispersal into the wine. NB: We can supply a 1000 Pack of Campden to your request but please allow this is intended for a total of 4500 Litres of wine so is not practical for many home winemakers. 

Bulk pack is marked as containing Sulphites (E223) and Polyethylene glycol (E1521)

Average weight 280mg S02 per tablet.