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6kg Gas Bottles

Note: This product cannot be 'shipped'. You must pick up in store or Contact us for other delivery options

6 Kilo Gas Cylinders are a great way to put the pressure on your carbonated beverages and not on your pocket book. All our gas bottles are Australian certified and hydro tested to ensure performance for 10 years from the manufacturing date*. 

As of February 2019, 6 Kilo Gas Cylinders feature our new improved handle design that makes them easier to orient and/or remove. These new handles screw directly onto the metal threads that are manufactured on the cylinder top.

This 6kg cylinder is ideal if you're carbonating and/or dispensing large amounts of beer or live far away from a filling station. Purchasing your own CO2 cylinder is generally cheaper than renting from a gas supplier for periods longer than 12 months.

- Australian Standard Approved
- Holds 6.0kg of gas when full
- Dimensions 71cm high x 16cm diameter
- Comes with included carry handle for easy of transport and protection of valve