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London ESB Yeast


London ESB yeast was selected from the Lallemand yeast culture library towards producing a range of English-style ales exhibiting clean, well-balanced aromatic profiles with moderate alcohol production. London ESB offers the right fermentation and aromatic profiles suitable for Extra Special Bitter styles as well as Pale Ale, Bitter and other traditional English beers. The propagation and drying processes have been specifically designed to deliver high quality beer yeast that can be used simply and reliably to help produce ales of the finest quality. No colours, preservatives or other unnatural substances have been used in its preparation.

This yeast has a quick start to fermentation and is best used at 18° – 22°C when fermentation is generally completed in 3 – 5 days. Attenuation range is 65 – 75% depending on inoculation density, temperature and nutrition. Clarity can be promoted by cooling and by using fermenter fining agents.