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Morgan's Premium Starter Kit - Father's Day Special Price


Are you ready for a hobby that stimulates your creativity, transforms you into a beer expert and allows you to actually save money?
Your Brew Cellar Home Brew starter kit includes all you will need to make and bottle your beer, including your first batch.


1 × 30 Litre Fermenter
1 x Hydrometer
1 x Stirring Spoon
1 x Bottling Valve
1 × 1.7 kg Ingredient Can (Yeast under cap)
1 x Body Blend
1 x Stick On Thermometer
30 x Re-usable 750ml PET Bottles and Caps
1 x Tap and Air Lock
1 x Morgan’s Sanitizer
1 x Sediment Reducer
1 x Carbonation Drops

Please note: We reserve the right to review, cancel and refund Home Brew purchases in order to comply with State and Federal law. We cannot fulfill Home Brew orders to Dry Communities where Alcohol and Home Brew Equipment are banned.