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Quadruple Tap Brushed Stainless Font Kit


This duotight font kit includes:

1. Quadruple Tap - Brushed Stainless Steel Font Only
2. 4 x duotight Compatible Short Shank
3. 4 x Black Plastic Tap Handle
4. Pre-Cut - 4mm ID x 8mm OD Evabarrier Beer Line and 5mm ID x 8mm OD Evabarrier Gas Line.
5. 4 x duotight 6.5mm x 8mm push in fittings to easily join the beer line to the tap shanks
6. 4 x Metric M5 stainless screws to secure the font to the fridge.

This font kit has been designed to suit our standard Series 4, Series X and Grand Deluxe Ranges of Kegerators. The holes in the flange are pre-drilled so they can be attached easily using the metric M5 screws.

Please note this does not include a Font Seal / Gasket. If you would like to add a gasket to your order please advise staff.