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Vita Silica


VitaSilica is compromised of approximately 87-94% silicon dioxide, plus small amounts of various other oxides including iron, calcium, potassium, titanium, manganese and phosphorous. The slow, continuous release of silica ensures increased resistance to pests and disease, bigger root systems and ultimately a higher yield.

VitaSilica is also a safe, organic treatment for eradicating crawling insects on the surface of your media. When you look at VitaSilica under a microscope it resembles a random pile of tiny razors. These ultra-sharp edges cut through an insect’s protective covering, sucking all the moisture out of them until they die. If an insect is stupid enough to try to eat VitaSilica this delightful process occurs from the inside out. VitaSilica is effective against fungus gnats, aphids, nematodes, slugs and snails. Our friendly earthworm is safe from VitaSilica’s wrath, which is good news all round.