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Fermented Chilli Sauce

Fermented Chilli Sauce
If you are looking for a spicy fermented chilli sauce full of red chillies
and habaneros, this is it!

This recipe is for the person that loves spice, and it also has ginger, turmeric, and garlic for added benefits. Leaving it to ferment for 2 weeks gives you all the probiotic goodness as well!

Long red chillies
Frozen long reds (freeze them as they ripen until you have about a kilo)
Habanero chillies
Fresh Turmeric
Fresh New Ginger
Australian Garlic



  1. Combine all ingredients (make sure produce is as fresh as possible!) until you get to 800g (you can play with the ratios of each but keep in mind that the habanero adds a big kick!)
  2. Blend and then put into a 1L jar
  3. Make a brine that is 3% flossy salt or artisan salt to the weight of the produce (in this case 24g for 800g of product!
  4. Ferment for 2 weeks and then enjoy

This recipe came to us from Mick in the Gut Health Guru’s Facebook Group!

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