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ANTI – Imperial Borscht Stout Extract

ANTI – Imperial Borscht Stout Extract

1 x 1.7kg of Stout (Morgan’s, Coopers or Mangrove Jack’s)
1 x 1.5kg – Liquid Malt Dark Roasted
1x 1kg Rolled Oats – 30min Boil/Steep 6L H2O

Hops steeped:
100g Fuggle - Steeped for 20min
50g EK Goldings - Steeped for 20min

English Ale Yeast

Beetroot – cook and peel 1kg, grated, dry hop in a hop sock day 4

Batch: 20ltrs
ABV: 9.75%
SG: 1.092
FG: 1.018


  1. Heat Stout & Malt cans in hot water for 10 minutes to loosen contents
  2. In a saucepan – bring to boil 6L water – add rolled oats (use a hop sock or small grain bag to contain the oats) steep for 30min on low heat and stir regularly then sparge w/1L
  3. Add 2L of boiled water to fermenter
  4. Add both cans content to fermenter and stir thoroughly to dissolve
  5. Pour 250ml of boiled water into beer tin and malt tin stir to dissolve remaining contents, then add to fermenter
  6. Strain off rolled oats and add cooled liquid from steeping – no oats in fermenter
  7. Add water to fermenter to 20L mark and test temperature – make sure it is around 18-24 degrees before pitching yeast
  8. Add in the steeped hops
  9. Take initial hydrometer reading
  10. Whirlpool the wort and pitch the Yeast
  11. Ferment range is 22-26 – mid range is best
  12. Day 4 add grated beetroot hop sock

Ferment is completed once you have a stable SG reading - 2 or 3 days of FG 1.018

 Bottle or Keg as per usual method

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