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Chimay Blue Partial Mash/Extract

Chimay Blue Partial Mash/Extract

1 x 1.7kg Morgan’s Royal Oak Amber
1 x 200g Belgian Candi Sugar D-90
1 x 250g Dextrose

20g Northern Brewer – 30min boil
15g EK Golding – 10min boil

Steeping Grains Partial Mash:
200g Carapils
50g Roasted Barley
50g Chocolate
200g Dark Crystal
200g Biscuit

Optimum Fermentation Temp (18-25°C)
1 x LaLBrew Abbaye Belgian Ale

ABV: 9.4%
IBU: 34.1
SRM: 29.2
SG: 1.079
FG: 1.008


  1. Fill an 8 – 10 litre pot with 6 litres of water, bring to the boil then set to cool at 72°C
  2. While the water is cooling, in a separate pot boil 1 litre of water then set to simmer, this is for the tin of Amber to warm up in. Once simmering, open your tin and set the tin into the water to heat the contents for 10mins.
  3. Back to the large pot, once cooled to 72°C you can add all the steeping grains and stir the contents for 2 - 3mins. (To avoid any clumping, you will need to stir this pot occasionally for the next 30mins).
  4. After you have added the grain, you will want to maintain a regular temperature of 66°C.
  5. Add 20g Hops – Northern Brewer and set a timer for 20mins.
  6. After the 20mins add 15g Hops – EK Golding and Belgian Sugars & Dextrose then set your timer for 10mins.
  7. Set to cool in your sink in an ice water bath for 20mins.
  8. Add 1.5 litres of boiled water to your fermenter, then add the warmed-up tin of Amber. Rinse the tin with 250ml of boiled water to make sure you get all its goodness and stir vigorously to thoroughly dissolve.
  9. Meanwhile your grain mash should have cooled, you can strain off the liquid and add it to the contents in the fermenter and stir thoroughly. NO GRAIN in the fermenter.
  10. Add cold water to fill fermenter to the 10litre mark, test the temperature, making sure it is between 18 – 25°C.
  11. Take initial hydrometer reading and record it, this should be close to your target gravity of 078-1.080.
  12. Pitch Yeast, stir gently and ferment for 7 - 10 days.
  13. Take another gravity reading. Your final gravity should be 1.010 – 1.008 over two days to confirm fermentation has finished.
  14. Bottle or Keg accordingly.