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Cocopeat Brick


Cocopeat is used as a natural growing medium in soil-less cultivation systems. It has excellent water and air retention properties and is an outstanding growing medium for both commercial and home gardeners.  100% organic 100% biodegradable pH stable Low EC Transporting and handling these bricks is a breeze due to their compact nature, eliminating the hassle of carrying bulky bags. Each 5kg cocopeat brick...

Cultiv8 Heat Mat


Heat mats are not just for gardening. They are very useful for providing consistent, controllable heating for other hobbies including reptile and arachnid keeping (heating for enclosures and terrariums), home-brewing (maintaining of fermentation temperatures) and more. With this thermostat you can easily expand any heat mat's functionality so that it provides the precise level of warmth your pets or projects require to flourish. The...

Cultiv8 Heat Mat - Medium


CULTIV8 heat mat warms the rooting area and vastly improves germination success rate. Double insulated C-tick certified Heat dispersion plugs included  

Cultiv8 Inline Fan


Inline fans are designed to work under smaller loads than centrifugal fans, but are great to provide a supply of fresh air into your environmental system allowing your plants to reach their full potential. The attached spigots are designed to make it easy to place and fix ducting to the fans. When reliability matters for small systems, the Cultiv8 Inline...

Cultiv8 Thermometer / Hygrometer with Prove


12/24 hours selectable 2 minutes alarm with 5 minutes interval Indoor temperature range: -9 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius Ondoor temperature range: -30 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius> Indoor humidity range: 20% - 90% Records Min / Max temperature With 1.5M thermometer probe Battery Type: 2 x AAA



Ducting is an important component in creating a well-functioning hydroponic grow system, as it helps regulate the airflow, temperature, and humidity levels within the growing environment. Proper ventilation is a critical aspect of successful hydroponic growing, and ducting plays a key role in achieving this. Choosing the right type of ducting, connectors, and insulation can help you create an efficient...

Eazy Block 75 x 75 x 60mm


Designed to accept an Eazy Plug square cube - making development from cutting or seed to healthy plant a breeze. Eazy Block is bonded firmly so plastic wrapping is not required. This allows roots to stop growing when they meet the air outside of the block. As a result new root branches are formed inside the block, seriously increasing the number...

Eazy Plug Trays


Cubes can be easily transplanted into an Eazy Block or other growing media when ready. Individual Cube Size: 36 x 36 x 30mmTray Size: 200 x 150mm - 12 packTray Size: 300 x 200mm - 24 packTray Size: 520 x 310mm - 77 pack

Fabric Pots


Fabric Pots are a breathable plant container which air prune plants roots as they grow and reach the edges of the pot. This encourages roots to branch out and grow more fibrous feeder roots, which are much more efficient in taking up water and nutrients. Our Fabric Pots are made from a very durable geo-textile fabric which is porous, allowing air to...

Flairform PH Up & Down 250mls


pH up and down are used to adjust the pH levels to improve the growing conditions for your plants. Hydroponic plants thrive best in solution with pH range from 5.5 to 6.5. If the pH level is too high, some nutrients will begin to precipitate.

Flairform GreenDream-1


GreenDream-1 is 1-part nutrient that produces vigorous growth from seed to harvest. formulated from high purity mineral salts and chelated trace elements completely soluble, runs extremely clean and has exceptional long-term stability capable of handling very hard and salty waters without unwanted issues such as blocked filters and drippers great pH stability does not require shaking and is compatible with...

Flairform PH Test Kit


The Flairform pH Test Kit is a simple, no fuss way to measure the pH level of hydroponics Nutrient. Simple and easy to use; Fill the supplied test tube with nutrient Add one drop of solution Match the colour with the chart on the bottle to determine the pH level. The Flairform pH Test Kit will provide an accurate result every time. Even well...

Hydropak 2 Pot Starter Kit


A great system to get you started. Easily expandable, all components are packed inside the tank for efficient transport. The Hydropak Starter Kit Includes: 1 x Hydrotray (Double 10") tray & lid 35 Litre supply tank 1 x Smart Valve 2 x 10" pots 2 x marix root control mats 1 litre set of nutrients tubing fittings filter perlite/vermiculite growing mix Instruction...

Jumbo Clone Dome


This Jumbo Clone Dome is designed to provide superior coverage for larger plants and cloning experiments. It optimizes humidity and temperature levels to enhance growth and development. 530 x 320mm Height: 130mm (Image shows the Jumbo Dome and Tray - tray sold separately)

Jumbo Clone Tray


The Jumbo Clone Tray is designed to provide an optimal environment for plant cloning and propagation. This medium-strength tray offers a blend of durability and space, allowing you to accommodate and nurture a large number of plant cuttings in the 77 cube eazy plug tray for successful growth and development. Features and Benefits: Ample size: The Jumbo Clone Tray measures 530mm x...

LP-50 NFT Pot


Lettuce Pots - Great for use in NFT Channelling and Deep Water Culture systems.  50mm Deep 44mm Diameter (at top) square lip

Measuring Jug 250ml


This plastic jug is great for accurately measuring all liquid nutrients, fertilizers or mixing and accurately measures liquids up to 250ml

Mills Basis A&B


Mills Basis A&B nutrient is a highly concentrated bio-mineral base nutrient delivering optimal nutrition to plants in both the vegetative and bloom stages. This two-part nutrient is suitable for all growing styles (soil, coco & hydro) and is incredibly easy to use. It is designed so plants can easily absorb everything needed within a wide pH range, and is compatible with all...

Mills C4


Mills C4 is a sophisticated bloom stimulator containing carbohydrates, macro and micronutrients and trace minerals guaranteed to give the grower heavier and higher quality yields. C4 also helps facilitate the triggering and maturation of complex essential oils appropriate for the early and mid-stages of flower development. When used with Basis A&B it alters the NPK to have higher phosphorus and...

Mills Start-R


Mills Start-R is a predominantly organic, incredibly complex bio-stimulant for use with seedlings, vegetatively growing plants and plants in early bloom. It has 2 forms of nitrogen that, when used with our Basis A&B, change the NPK to a higher Nitrogen content. It also contains Humic and Fulvic acids, L-amino acids and a root enhancing Bio-Stimulant derived from auxin- and cytokinin-rich...

Mills Ultimate PK


Mills Ultimate PK is a unique Phosphite based bloom stimulant formulated for the last weeks of flower development. Phosphite is an extremely available form of Phosphate that promotes healthy root systems and helps insure proper nutrient intake and plant health late in the bloom cycle. Ultimate PK is specially designed to act as a hardener, bulker, and ripener to push your...

Professor's Nutrients Go Roots


Go Roots is the most concentrated root accelerator and defender on the market. Go Roots is a unique formulation which incorporates a systemic Fungicide which not only promotes new root growth, but gives roots protection during the entire crop cycle. Plants generally stop producing new root growth early in flowering, which means that roots are more open to disease attacks....

Professor’s Nutrients Coco Chips


Professor’s Nutrients Coco Chips blend is a mix consisting of 50% Coco Coir and 50% Coco Chips. Coco chips are small chunks of Coco Coir that combine the best properties of coco peat and fibre. They have a large surface area and retain moisture and nutrients like a sponge, yet do not compact tightly, allowing for large volumes of air between...

Pruner ARS 300L


The ARS Fruit Pruner is a premium pruner / trimmer. It has long, straight pointed blades for accurate trimming. ARS Pruners have strong comfortable non-slip handles with a soft coil spring, allowing the user to trim over long periods without discomfort. Perfect for most harvesting and light gardening applications, including hydroponics and bonsai. Overall Length 190mm Blade length 70mm Weight 110g All metal construction Light weight...

PS-1 Light System - with White lamps


Each PS-1 Light System kit contains 2 x 24 watt high output fluoro lamps with their own highly efficient reflector. By adding 'Expander Modules' onto the specially designed frames, you can run more (or less) lamps as required. The first lamp connects directly into a 240 volt power source. Then, for additional lamps, it's just a matter of plugging the next lamp into the back...

Rootex Powder


Helps to develop roots on a wide range of plant cuttings: Native Ornamentals Economical Versatile Clean and safe Made in Australia NRA approved

Round Plug Sowing Set


The Eazy Plug 6 plug seed tray kit makes seed raising a breeze. Keeping it super simple with Eazy Plug’s unique propagation plugs, you’ll find over watering a thing of the past. Comes in a handy tray, with a bag of top layer mix to sprinkle over seeds once sown

Run-Off Trays


Runoff Tray 15 Comes complete with: 15.5 inch Tray 4 x PVC legs Plumbing elbow with nut and washers. Runoff Tray 22 Comes complete with: 22.5 inch Tray 4 x PVC legs Plumbing elbow with nut and washers.

Scalpel - Disposable Single


Using a clean, sharp knife or scalpel when taking cuttings, helps prevent damage to the parent plant and to the cutting's rooting edge. It also helps prevent the spread of disease between plants.

Seahawk Cloning Station 24


A compact 24 site aeroponic propagator with clear humidity lid. Includes pump, three colours of neoprene disks for identifying different plant varieties and a spare set of 5 misting jets Faster root development than conventional propagation methods Automated cloning made easy

Seahawk Grow Tents


Crafted with intelligence and incorporating top-notch grow tent elements, Seahawk Grow Tents are the epitome of smart design. Constructed entirely from light-proof thick ADF reflective material, it guarantees complete opacity. The surface of this material boasts a refined 'diamond-like' structure, which serves two essential purposes. Firstly, it diffuses light in multiple directions, ensuring uniform illumination. Secondly, it aids in heat...