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Craft'd Glassware


Hand Craftd. glassware All this glassware is hand crafted. If you love beer. You would know beer isn't just about the flavour. It's about the anticipation of a great drop. It's about the pour and the head formation. It's about how it looks in the glass and how the glass feels in the hand. How the glass directs the aroma to...

Green Living Feta Cheese Kit


Our updated Instruction Booklet now includes directions for brining your Feta, and the kit has the PH test strip required to do this successfully. This Kit Contains: Instruction Booklet 200 mm Dairy Thermometer Two Feta Baskets Reusable Loose Weave Cheese Cloth 50 ml Calcium Chloride 10 Vegetable Rennet Tablets Direct Set Mesophilic Hard Curd Starter Culture 20 cm pH test paper 250 gram Cheese Salt 10 gram Lipase Free...

Hi Mountain Jerky Gun


This Hi Mountain Jerky Gun is perfect for making jerky at home.  Make sausages, jerky or meat sticks with fresh mince meat using the easy to use and easy to clean Jerky/Link Master. You can use the Jerky master for not only Jerky but you can make Fruit strips for drying in a dehydrator or convert it for use as...

Grainfather G70


The original, all-grain brewing system is now bigger and better.  If you’re looking for Grainfather quality in a larger capacity with app integration and smart brewing technology, the G70 is your true brewing companion. Fully compatible with our Conical Fermenter and Glycol Chiller for the ultimate advanced brewery setup.

Still Spirits Botanical Basket


Make gin with the Gin Botanical Basket! Simply run your water through the still as normal, then put your botanicals ingredients into the basket and screw the basket on to the Alembic Pot Still dome and condenser or T500 condenser (by removing the saddles) and run your water through again. You can also use the Botanicals Basket to infuse your...

Still Spirits Air Still Pro


The Air Still Pro is a small-batch, 2-in-1 distillation system that allows you to craft high quality light and dark spirits. With a multi-purpose condenser and interchangeable distillation tips, the Air Still Pro enables you to produce clean, flavorsome and botanical-infused water. The Air Still Pro is easy to use and suitable for keen beginners or more advanced distillers looking...

FasTap XL Edition Keg Master Kegerator


FasTap Edition Keg Master Series 4 Kegerators are the quickest way to get beer on tap in your home, cafe, bar or man-cave.  What is different about FasTap Edition Kegerators from the standard Keg Master Series 4 Kegerators? Heaps! To make things easy and fast, we have: Preassembled the font tower with shanks and taps  Preassembled all the Beer and...

Green Living Yoghurt Machine 2lt


Make your own yoghurt at home!Electric yoghurt makers simply keep your milk at the right temperature for fermentation to occur naturally. You just add your dairy or non-dairy milk (or coconut cream) to the inner container and add your culture. Switch it on and then wait the required amount of time per the instructions included with your culture. When it's finished,...

Mammoth Tent Elite HC G1 1800 x 1100 x 2400 mm


This Mammoth Elite HC tent is a premium product in a line of grow tents designed for indoor gardening, particularly for hydroponics. Features of this grow tent: The ultimate in quality for the professional grower Heavy duty frame, corners and fabric, with stainless steel / aluminium click system Dual multiple intake and extraction socks Equipment tubes that have a 75kg...

Seahawk Grow Tents


Crafted with intelligence and incorporating top-notch grow tent elements, Seahawk Grow Tents are the epitome of smart design. Constructed entirely from light-proof thick ADF reflective material, it guarantees complete opacity. The surface of this material boasts a refined 'diamond-like' structure, which serves two essential purposes. Firstly, it diffuses light in multiple directions, ensuring uniform illumination. Secondly, it aids in heat...

Vegepod Stands


A huge benefit of the Vegepod Container Gardens is that they can be easily raised to waist height. The Vegepod stands raise the container garden so that the soil is waist height (80cm). Made of galvanised and powder-coated steel the stands are not only sturdy but will last many years. The stands come flat-packed and are easily bolted together. Ensure you...

Vegepods with Covers


Raised garden bed kits that are self-watering with a wicking bed design, elevated and portable with a greenhouse cover, it's chemical free, easy gardening.  You can grow up to 15 varieties of greens and vegetables. In the scorching summer months, the Vegepod's full reservoirs enable it to self-water for up to 3 weeks We estimate you make your money back...

Green Living 30 Minute Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit


It may not come from Italy, but it sure is the next best thing and all in just about 30 minutes. What more can you ask for? Comes with complete instructions, making it easy for everyone in the family to have a go. This Kit Contains: 12 page Recipe / Instruction Booklet Reusable "Loose Weave" Cheese Cloth  200 mm Dairy...

Cleaver Salumi Cabinets - Orders Taken


CLEAVER Artisan Appliances was launched in Australia in 2016 with one simple idea…to create a collection of quality curing cabinets for the home salumi maker. The original range (pre-June 2022) of CLEAVER Salumi Cabinets allow you to set the temperature {5 ̊C to 25 ̊C} and the humidity {60% to 90% relative humidity}.  The inbuilt control regulates your temperature and...

Keg King Resin Tap Handles


Add a bit of flair to your home bar with these Resin Tap handles. They come in a range of colours to suit your home, footy team or personal flair! Colours include: Black, White, Silver, Blue, Yellow, Green & Red

Still Spirits Distillers Series Artisan Gin Ingredients Kit


Inside you'll find authentic ingredients such as dextrose, gin yeast & yeast nutrient, finings and a botanical blend of juniper, coriander, liquorice root, as well as dried lemon and orange peel. Makes Approximately 4L of London Dry Style Gin at 40% ABV

Salami Making - Futures dates TBA


There is nothing better than tasting homemade salami's .... Have you ever made your own?  No problem, come along to our great demo class and learn from our resident Chef / Home Brewer who will teach you all the tricks & show you the easy way to make your own with the flavours that you love. Samples to taste! 10%...

Green Living Camembert Kit


The kit comes with a detailed easy to follow directions demystifying all the steps in the camembert making process, and can be used with regular full cream milk, straight from the supermarket. This Kit Contains: Instruction Booklet 200 mm Dairy Thermometer 10 Vegetable Rennet Tablets Direct Inoculation Mesophilic Hard Curd Starter Culture (100 Litre sachet - from SACCO) Direct Inoculation Penicillium Candidum White Mould (30 dose...

Green Living Hard Cheese Kit


The Hard Cheese Kit Makes 9 Delicious Cheeses: Large Curd Cottage Cheese Feta Farmhouse Cheddar Colby Monterey Jack Gouda Cotswold Leicester Ricotta Why pay gourmet prices when you can learn to make your very own "additive and preservative-free" cheeses? All your family will join you in the fun of this tradition! This is a Beginner Cheese Kit, ideal for those...