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Morgan's Recipe Pack ~ Atomic Pale Ale Style


This pack makes 23 litres of Atomic Pale Ale Clone Includes: Morgan's Pacific Pale Ale Malt Extract Can Morgan's Unhopped Pale Malt Extract 2 x Morgan's Citra Finishing Hops 12g 1 x Morgan's Centenial Finishing Hops 12g 1 x Morgan's Cascade Finishing Hops 12g Morgan's American Ale Yeast  (low to medium sedimentation 15-24 degrees) Instruction Sheet

Morgan's Recipe Pack ~ Corona Style


Everything you need in this pack, Just add a slice of lemon! Includes: Morgans Canadian Light 1kg dextrose Morgans Booster Blend Morgans Dr Rudi Finishing  Hops 12 g Morgans Premium Lager Yeast Makes 23 litres

Morgan's Recipe Pack ~ Furphy Style


Experience a Furphy style beer with the recipe pack from Morgan's. Furphy is an easy drinking beer with a touch of craft in its DNA.

Morgan's Recipe Pack ~ Stone and Wood


Mimicking one of Australia’s favorite beers, Morgan’s Stone and Wood Pacific Ale Style recipe pack has put all the needed ingredients into this one handy kit.

Morgan’s All Natural Apple Cider


Morgan’s Apple Cider is ALL Natural, it comes in a 1kg can that makes 20ltrs of fantastic Apple Cider. The finished Morgan’s Cider will be dry, a bit like a 5 Seeds Crisp Apple Cider. If you like your cider a little sweeter then back sweetening will be required. If bottling, a non-fermentable sweetener such as Lactose or Maltodextrin needs to...