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FasTap XL Edition Keg Master Kegerator



FasTap Edition Keg Master Series 4 Kegerators are the quickest way to get beer on tap in your home, cafe, bar or man-cave. 

What is different about FasTap Edition Kegerators from the standard Keg Master Series 4 Kegerators? Heaps!

To make things easy and fast, we have:

    • Preassembled the font tower with shanks and taps 
    • Preassembled all the Beer and Gas lines with high strength DM Push-in Fittings
    • Provided Premium Disconnects for Liquid and Gas
    • Completely removed the need to heat up and clamp barbed fittings for your lines

With the convenience of push-in fittings and pre-assembled fonts, setting up a FasTap fridge is a breeze. Plus, these fridges still come with all the essentials and accessories of our standard Keg master Series 4 Kegerators, including:

- 2 x Ultra-tap Stainless Steel taps and SS shanks
- Stainless Steel 304 grade font
- MKIII regulator
- Font Fan
- Co2 Cylinder Bracket Holder
- Beer and Gas Line
- Tap Tool
- Guard Rail
- Drip Tray
- Castor wheels
- Stainless steel Door (sides are black powder coat steel and the top is black plastic)  

Keg Master Series 4 Kegerator Specs:
- Temperature range -5C to 28C
- The fridge is approximately 164L
- Dimensions: 
       60cm Wide
       61cm Deep
       89cm Height of the fridge part (including castor wheels but excluding the height of guard rail, drip tray or font)
       84cm Height of the fridge part (excluding castor wheels and the height of guard rail, drip tray or font)
-Refrigerant: R600a

Please note: You will require a Co2 cylinder to serve beverages from your kegerator. We stock 2.6Kg cylinders that fit conveniently into the C02 Cylinder Bracket Holder that attaches to the back of the kegerator. We also stock 10kg, 6kg, 4kg & 1kg cylinder.