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Glycerine is a must needed additive to all spirits, liqueurs and schnapps. Glycerine smooths out 'mouth bite' in your higher percentage spirits like rum, bourbon, scotch, vodka etc. It can also be used to add viscosity or body/thickness to your liqueurs and schnapps.

Hooked on Brewing recommends the use of this with all spirits and liqueurs. Although this does not take away the need to age your spirits in the bottle it can speed this process up 'so to speak'. Even in aged rums and bourbons 3-10 mls per litre will make an amazing difference to the 'mouth feel' of your favourite spirit. 

In liqueurs Glycerine can be used to add viscosity or thickness without adding sweetness while also removing 'bite' from the actual spirit or vodka being used in your liqueurs or schnapps. Amounts vary considerably depending on essence and base. We use up to 100 mls of glycerine in some of our liqueurs to give them a 'lusty velvet' mouth feel with unbelievable smoothness and a thicker finish that is in a lot of cases better than commercial equivalents. 

It is recommended that you use the above measurements as a guide only and we suggest that you start at 3mls per litre and experiment with amounts as per your taste requirements.