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Hi Mountain Jerky Cure & Seasoning - Cracked Pepper


An old faithful, super tasty flavour. The cracked pepper and garlic kit makes a really tasty jerky that goes with anything.

Hi Mountain Jerky Seasoning is renowned as the best Jerky Cure and Seasoning. We have an extensive variety of flavours and if you can’t decide, we also have two Variety Packs, each with 5 different flavours so you can find your favourite! Use our kits to make jerky from beef, wild game, poultry, fish, or any meat of your choice. This jerky seasoning flavour will season approximately 15lbs or 7kg of meat. Garlic and pepper is an essential ingredient for salami or sausage making.

Cut the jerky meat by hand or for quicker and easier preparation, the Jerky Cutting Board and Knife makes quick work of cutting the perfect sized pieces of meat for your jerky. Or pair the jerky seasoning with the Hi Mountain Jerky Gun to make full flavoured minced meat jerky sticks.